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Whether your six-year-old daughter got assaulted by an off-leash Pitbull or you got bit in the leg by a neighbor’s dog and your leg is infected, you may want to explore your potential legal options to maximize the compensation you receive to cover the costs of your medical care. By getting in touch with a Louisville, KY dog bite lawyer, you can find out your legal options and get the financial help you need and deserve to recover from the attack.

The Surprisingly Complex and Frustrating Politics of Dog Bite AttacksLouisville, KY dog bite lawyer


Dog bite injuries can not only get complicated, but they can also get quite political. Often, the owners of dogs (and other pets) that attack are quite familiar to victims. For instance, the owner might be a neighbor, a parent of a playmate, or even a cousin. Obviously, you want to get compensation for injuries, therapies, reconstructive surgery, and other costs. But you also simultaneously might want to preserve your relationship with the owner of the dog. This can create a political conundrum. How should you proceed in a way that protects your relationships and also ensures that you get fairly paid for your bills and pain?

Assessing the Real, Long Term Damage

Furthermore, it can be difficult to adduce just how serious and long-term the dog bite damage is. For instance, say a wild, out of control dachshund knocked over your four-year-old. The boy hit his head on the ground and suffered a concussion as well as a light, but still nasty nip on his arm. Upon first inspection, the head injury may not appear to be “that bad.” But weeks (maybe even months) later, your son starts presenting disturbing symptoms, such as memory loss and personality changes. These symptoms like could ultimately be tied back to the dog attack.

If you settle too quickly with the owner of the dog, you may not be able to get money to pay for treatment of the traumatic brain injury that resulted from the dog attack. The price of this haste can be steep and brutal. After all, the collective costs of therapies, reconditioning, vocational training, etc. can range into the hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime. That’s not necessarily a common occurrence. But it goes to show how important it is to take every dog bite seriously. Retain a competent and experienced lawyer soon after the bite to preserve your rights and to maximize your chances of collecting the compensation you need to heal.

Legal Help with Your Dog Bite Case

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