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Thomas Law Offices Giving Back to Louisville, KY

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “There is not a man of us who does not at times need a helping hand to be stretched out to him, and then shame upon him who will not stretch out the helping hand to his brother.” Practicing law is one way Tad has chosen to lend that helping hand. When clients call his office, it is because they are in need of someone to champion their cause and help them through a traumatic time in their lives. But, there are many other ways Thomas Law Offices gives back to the community because it is part of their mission.

Louisville Free Public Library

Libraries provide communities with immeasurable value. They are places of life-long learning, where children can not only supplement their education, but find within the stacks far away places and new dreams that will dictate the paths their lives will follow. Opportunities abound within the walls of a library. Business owners can find resources and know-how for expanding. Workers can find help building resumes and applying for jobs.

Libraries are also places for the community to meet. Whether it is book clubs, civic groups or town hall meetings, libraries are a place where citizens can not only learn about the rights, but exercise them.

Because Tad believes libraries are essential to every community, he has been an advocate and activist for the Louisville Free Public Library for many years. Originally appointed to the Library Advisory Commission by former Louisville Mayor, Jerry Abramson, he currently serves as Chair of the Commission for Mayor Greg Fischer. In 2007, Tad was also elected to the Library Foundation where he currently serves on the Boards’ advocacy committee. It is not unusual to see Tad in the halls of the capitol in Frankfort, or in the meeting rooms of city hall, advocating for improvements in the library system. Tad has also previously served as President, Vice President, and a member of the Executive Board for the Friends of the Louisville Free Public Library and still volunteers at the group’s book sales.

His passion continues to grow to promote the library, and expand its outreach.

Educating Lawyers

The first rule of ethics for attorneys is that they be competent in their practice. As technology becomes an ever increasing part of the practice of law, Tad has travelled the nation giving presentations to help lawyers, not only remain competent, but to excel in using technology to help their clients. Over the last several years he has been a nationally sought after speaker and has given dozens of presentations to lawyers on the use of new technology in their practices such as iPads and cloud computing.

Tad also frequently gives presentations on the ethical issues that arise when attorneys use social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Most recently, he was invited to speak at the American Association for Justice’s Weekend with the Stars in New York, NY, one of AAJ’s most prestigious programs.

Tad is an active member of the American Association for Justice (AAJ) in many other ways as well. He has served on countless committees, helping plan and serve as faculty for the organization’s continuing legal education courses. “AAJ is an organization that serves two purposes. First, it fights to protect the rights of our clients, those who have been injured as a result of the conduct of others. And, second, it works to help other lawyers do the same,” Thomas said. “My involvement in AAJ is merely another way for me to give back.”

If that weren’t enough, Tad is active in the Kentucky Justice Association. There he serves as the chair of the Continuing Legal Education Committee and as a member of the Legislative Affairs Committee. He has made many trips to Frankfort advocating against legislation that would harm senior citizens, nursing home residents, motorists and many other members of our community. “Advocating for my clients in the court room is only effective if there are laws in place to protect them from harm and laws that see to it victims are compensated when they have been harmed. I don’t believe that a lawyer is doing his clients justice by sitting at his or her desk while legislation is being enacted that takes away their clients’ rights,” Tad stated.