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Riding a motorcycle is something many Missouri residents enjoy doing. However, other drivers may not be used to sharing the road with motorcyclists. When another driver makes a reckless decision or exhibits negligence, they can cause an accident and severe injury to the motorcyclist. If this has happened to you or a loved one, you may be eligible to seek compensation for your injuries and damages. Having experienced representation on your side will give you the best chance of receiving maximum compensation. A St. Louis motorcycle accident lawyer from Thomas Law Offices will protect your rights and best interests.

What Are the Main Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?

When one of our lawyers is investigating your case, we’ll need to determine the cause of your motorcycle accident. We’ll investigate the police report, evidence from the scene, and any other evidence we can find to find out why your accident occurred. Some of the factors that can contribute to a motorcycle crash include:

  • Speeding. A speeding driver puts everyone around them in danger. If they’re going faster than traffic, they may weave through traffic or follow others too closely so they can continue to speed. Unfortunately, speeding reduces the driver’s control of the vehicle. If they swerve in front of a motorcyclist or clip the bike, this can make the rider lose their balance and fall.
  • Distractions. A distracted driver will not have their eyes on the road. They won’t know if they’re veering out of their lane, going too fast, or coming up on stopped traffic. An accident could occur before the driver looked up at the road.
  • Failing to Yield. Some drivers may not yield the right of way for motorcyclists. This can lead to accidents because the motorcyclist will think the driver will follow the rules of the road. When this doesn’t happen, the motorcyclist and driver can collide.
  • Unfamiliarity. If a driver is unfamiliar with sharing the road with motorcyclists, they may not anticipate looking for them or passing them. A motorcyclist is a smaller object on the road, so when a driver is checking to see if a lane is clear, they’re likely looking for a car or truck. If they don’t register a motorcyclist, they could turn in front of a motorcyclist and cause a collision. Passing motorcyclists requires plenty of room and being able to tell the motorcyclists’ speed. If a motorist cuts them off, the motorcyclist could lose their balance.

You may be wondering about how often motorcycle accidents can occur when people act in negligent ways. It’s negligence like the examples above that can cause so many accidents in Missouri. Let’s take a look at how common these collisions are in Missouri. The following motorcycle accident statistics are from the Missouri Traffic Safety Compendium:

  • There were 2474 total motorcycle crashes in Missouri in 2017.
  • Out of 113 fatal motorcycle crashes, there were 117 fatalities.
  • 2,161 people were injured in 1,852 personal injury crashes.

If you were injured or if you lost a loved one in a motorcycle crash, a St. Louis motorcycle accident attorney from Thomas Law Offices is here for you. We’ll fight for you to receive the compensation you deserve. Your compensation can help you with your recovery, especially when it comes to medical bills. Let’s take a look at the injuries that can arise from a motorcycle collision.

What Kind of Injuries Can Motorcyclists Sustain in an Accident?

Even if a motorcyclist wears a helmet, which can help prevent severe injuries, and protective clothing, they still lack the protection that a car would provide. The autobody absorbs the impact, and safety features like the seat belts and air bags keep the vehicle occupants in place. When a motorcyclist is in an accident, they will likely be thrown from the bike. This can result in injuries like:

  • Head Injuries. Any bump or jolt to the head can result in a concussion or other forms of brain injuries. These injuries can need immediate medical treatment to prevent permanent damage.
  • Road Rash. If the motorcyclist falls from the bike and their skin scrapes against the ground, the friction can cause burn injuries, also known as road rash. These injuries can range from brush burns on the top layer of skin to causing nerve damage underneath.
  • Facial Disfigurement. Facial fractures and scarring can are possibilities in a motorcycle accident. This may cause permanent disfigurement.
  • Amputation. Motorcycle accident injuries can cause loss of limb. This can occur during the accident or the damage done to a part of the body can be so severe that it needs to be removed in surgery.
  • Broken Bones. When motorcyclists fall, they may try to break the fall with an arm or leg. This puts the force of the fall onto that area of the body and can shatter the bone. An accident can also break ribs. Broken bones will need medical care to get them set correctly so they’ll heal properly.

As you’re getting the medical care you need, the expenses may start to add up. While the initial care from the crash may be taken care of, you could be looking at weeks or months of future medical bills as you recover. When our lawyers are fighting for you, we’ll assess the costs of your medical care so your compensation will cover these expenses. You can focus on getting the care you need without worrying about how you’re going to afford it.

Fighting for your compensation to cover your medical expenses is one of the ways a St. Louis motorcycle accident lawyer can help you. Let’s look at the other reasons why it’s important to have a personal injury lawyer at your side.

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How Can a St. Louis Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Benefit Your Claim?

Our lawyers will fight for you to recover the compensation you deserve. We’re aware of the different elements of that compensation. For example, you can also receive damages for the work you’ve missed because of the accident. Those lost wages can add up when you still have to pay bills, maintain your livelihood, and afford medical care. We’ll calculate the amount of work you’ve missed and may need to miss while you heal and fight for you to recover that amount.

We can also fight for you to receive damages for your motorcycle so you can get it repaired without having to pay out of pocket. You’ll be able to restore your bike so it will be ready when you’re ready to ride again.

Other aspects of your compensation can include pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. These can be unexpected consequences of the accident you didn’t know about before. The days that you spend with painful injuries and being prevented from living your life may not have a financial loss associated with them, but they are still outcomes of the accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence. We’ll consider these losses when determining your compensation amount.

Our lawyers will fiercely defend your rights and build a strong case to show you weren’t at fault. Unfortunately, motorcyclists may face some stereotyping from insurance companies when they’re involved in an accident. They could be seen as having some responsibility for the accident. We’ll stand by your side and communicate with the insurance company to make sure they get the information they need and they’re shown that you didn’t exhibit negligence. Then, we can begin to help you move forward.

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While a motorcycle accident can cause injuries that put your life on hold, you can seek recovery that will help you financially, physically, and emotionally. With a St. Louis motorcycle accident lawyer from Thomas Law Offices on your side, you’ll have peace of mind knowing experienced professionals are handling your case.

We’ll examine all the evidence and show that your accident was preventable, and it occurred because of someone else’s negligence. Then, we’ll look at medical records to understand how you were hurt and what your treatment requires. Our lawyers will file everything properly and on time and keep you up to date on your case.

To start seeking the justice you deserve, get in touch with our office today. We’ll set up a free consultation where we can go over the facts of your case and discuss your options. Together, we can find the path that will benefit you the most.

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