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Louisville, KY Fractured Bone Accident Lawyer

Perhaps you splintered your hip in a painful fall outside a restaurant on a slippery, black ice covered parking lot. Or maybe your daughter fractured her arm when a careless driver sped through a red light and smashed into the side of your minivan.

Bone fractures can obviously be painful. But they can also lead to serious long-term problems, such as structural tissue damage, chronic pain, and problems with walking and physical coordination. Fractures can also create massive logistical complications in your life. These range from “annoying but obvious and short term” (e.g. a few weeks of lost productivity; painful rehabilitation, etc.) to “subtle but longer term and more costly” (e.g. your recovery/rehab steals time from your life that you cannot get back; you’re saddled with a limp for life, etc.)

Costs Associated with Bone Fracture Injuries

Over the long-term, the high costs of even seemingly minor fractures can add up to substantial damages. For instance, say you fractured your kneecap in a Louisville bicycle accident, after a careless teenage driver “doored” you on a suburban street. You have a fine recovery from the knee surgery. But the damage to your cartilage and soft tissue ultimately make it much harder for you to ride your bike. You might also feel nervous about going back on the road (elements of “post-traumatic stress disorder”). Or you might suffer from minor pain for years or even decades. If you add up all of that subtle agony, it will likely equal substantially more pain than you experienced during the crash itself.

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Protecting Your Legal Rights

To assess the true nature of your bone fracture-related costs – all of the short and long-term damage that you suffered or will suffer in the future – and to hold potentially liable parties accountable, you and your Louisville personal injury attorney will need to delve deeply into the specifics of what happened. The more specific information you can collect about the accident — such as pictures, written testimony from people who actually saw what happened firsthand, and police reports — the more “firepower” your attorney will have to help you.

Your choice of legal representative can matter a great deal. Some attorneys who take on personal injury cases do not have the time, resources, or experience to obtain the best results. The difference between “only good” and “outstanding” can be profound. It could mean the difference between your collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars or collecting nothing at all.

To speak with a compassionate and experienced Louisville, KY fractured bone accident lawyer that has proven results, contact Tad Thomas by calling (502) 473-6540. Mr. Thomas will take the time to really listen to your needs and concerns and help you manage not just the logistics of your case but also any surprises or setbacks you experience (e.g. with your recovery from the broken bone). You can also get free resources and help understanding how the law applies to your case.

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Tad Thomas - Trial Lawyer

Tad Thomas

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Tad Thomas has dedicated his practice to representing plaintiffs in various types of civil litigation, including personal injury, business litigation, class actions, and multi-district litigation.

After graduating with his law degree in 2000 from Salmon P. Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University, Mr. Thomas immediately opened his own private practice and began representing injury victims.

In 2011, Thomas Law Offices was established in Louisville, Kentucky. Over the past decade, Mr. Thomas has expanded his firm and now has offices in three additional locations: Cincinnati, Ohio, Columbia, Missouri, and Chicago, Illinois. He is also a frequent lecturer on topics like trial skills and ethics and technology.

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