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If you’ve been injured in an accident or incident that was not your fault, getting the right legal representation could mean the difference between being able to fully recover and continue to provide for your loved ones and having to put life completely on hold. For residents of Kentucky, the right Louisville injury law firm could open new recovery options, new opportunities for compensation, and peace of mind.

The United States civil justice system lets victims of serious accidents file lawsuits against responsible individuals, businesses, and other parties if it can be proven that negligence, carelessness, recklessness, or wrongful behavior caused the injury. To prove that this negligence occurred, you’ll need the help of an experienced, qualified personal injury legal team. Using evidence and expert testimony, a law firm can put together a solid case against those who did you wrong.

Since injury claims are civil claims, one can be filed in addition to any criminal charges that may already be in place. In the case of a drunk driver who caused a fatal car crash, for example, a grieving family may be able to file a claim against the responsible driver which may reward them with additional compensation that can go towards their loved one’s funeral costs or their pain and suffering. Civil lawsuits, while often complex, may grant closure.

A family that is suffering may also be able to gain solace in knowing that their actions might elicit change. In the case of an elder care facility that is mistreating its residents, for instance, filing a claim against the facility may ensure that actions are taken to stop the abuse completely. Civil lawsuits can cause a ripple effect that can bring about changes of staffing, procedure, and policy. This fact is one reason why the civil justice system exists.

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What Cases Our Louisville Injury Law Firm Accepts

At Thomas Law Offices, we represent clients for a wide variety of personal injury, criminal defense, and civil safety matters. Here is a list of our main practice areas:

By visiting each practice area page, you’ll also be able to see other subpages which may be of use to you and give you valuable information.

What Compensation is Available After Filing an Injury Claim in Kentucky?

By Kentucky law, the victim of an accident who is filing suit against a negligent individual, corporation, or group (often referred to as the plaintiff), may be able to obtain compensation, often referred to as damages, for the following losses and/or costs:

  • The costs of reasonable and necessary medical care, including future necessary expenses
  • Property damage if applicable
  • Costs of domestic services if applicable
  • Loss of earnings, including future earnings
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Noneconomic damages including physical pain and suffering, mental and emotional suffering, physical impairment, disfigurement, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of consortium

Depending on the specific case, noneconomic damages, often referred to as punitive damages, may only be awarded if it can be proven that the responsible party acted with oppression, fraud, or malice. Punitive damages are intended to punish the defendant and prevent further negligence and/or wrongful actions.

To learn what compensation you’d be eligible to receive or whether you may have a potential claim, you’ll need to speak with a legal practice that’s experienced in Kentucky laws and how they impact your exact circumstances. At Thomas Law Offices, our attorneys are readily available to answer questions you may have.

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We Take Pride in Making Louisville, Kentucky Our Home

Thomas Law Offices opened its first office in 2011 in Louisville, Kentucky. Owner Tad Thomas envisioned a private practice where the needs of victims and their family members always came first—before all the legal speak and all the red tape. We were proud to call Louisville home and still are to this day, despite expanding to new offices nationwide.

Louisville, founded in 1778, is one of the oldest American cities west of the Appalachian Mountains. It was the founding city of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad in addition to one of the largest port cities in the central U.S. The city remains vital to the shipping and cargo industries given its location at the Falls of the Ohio River and the fact that 60% of the continental U.S.’s cities are within one day’s drive to Louisville.

The city is home to the Kentucky Derby and the American whiskey industry. Louisville residents and businesses pride themselves on knowing how to work and play hard—all while enjoying both aspects of life in a culturally-diverse city that embraces creativity, individuality, and innovation. One-third of all the country’s bourbon comes from Louisville. You’ll find some of the nation’s most innovative restaurants, bars, and distilleries in downtown Louisville and elsewhere throughout the city.

Our injury firm is not only proud to call Louisville home, but we’re proud to embrace creativity, diversity, and innovation just as much as Louisville. We’re industry leaders in legal organizations and groups all over the nation and take pride in helping settle some of the toughest cases Kentucky has seen. We don’t back down from complex cases and do our best to always fight for the rights of those who have been injured and/or wronged.

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If you have a potential injury case in Louisville or elsewhere in Kentucky, we encourage you to get in touch with Thomas Law Offices today. We may be able to help you and your family find the strength and financial means to recover.

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