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Louisville Adult Care Center Scheduled to Lose Medicare Funding Due to Unsafe Conditions

Published on Jul 16, 2015 at 12:58 am in Nursing Home Abuse.

Hurstbourne Care Centre at Stony Brook, located in Louisville, KY, is currently scheduled to have its Medicare agreement and funding terminated as of July 25th due to a state-led investigation which questioned the level of care residents were receiving. The investigative report found that the adult care facility was jeopardizing the health and safety of its residents.

As reported by local news, the Kentucky State Survey Agency began investigating the facility on May 22nd after receiving numerous complaints. When the resulting report was presented to the facility on June 24th, the following statement by Sandra Pace, Health and Human Services Associate Regional Administrator, was issued:

“The survey found that your facility was not in substantial compliance with the participation requirements, was providing substandard quality care to residents, and that conditions in your facility constituted immediate jeopardy to residents’ health and safety.”

The investigators found one resident whose room had been infested with ants. The ants were even crawling on his/her bed and body which was understandably frightening to the resident. Another resident was found to be nutritionally compromised due to a doctor’s order for weekly weigh-ins and food intake monitoring which was not being followed. A third resident had an eye injury that hadn’t been monitored by facility staff members for several weeks.

The entire Statement of Deficiencies which lists the citations involved can be found here.

Conditions like those noted above suggest that facility staff members were being negligent and that proper staff regulations to help prevent negligence may not have been followed. Several agencies will be working closely with the facility, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Adult Protective Services, and other local programs to assist the 125 residents with relocation to new facilities of their choosing. Numerous agencies will stay on-site during the transition period to ensure residents receive the appropriate levels of care in the meantime.

In the termination letter received by Hurstbourne Care Centre at Stony Brook, it was stated that the facility can appeal the findings and request a hearing before an administrative law judge. It is unclear at this time whether or not the facility will choose to stay open.

If you or anyone you know is currently receiving care at this facility, now would be a good time to ensure their safety by helping them relocate to a different care center as quickly as possible. Find out if your loved one received any negligent care recently or in the past and make yourself available for any emotional support they should need.

Depending on the type of negligence that occurred and the timeframe, it may be possible to take legal action against the facility. For more information, please see our informational page on nursing home abuse.