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Kentucky Senate Bill 72 Calls for Hospital-Acquired Infections State Reports

Published on Jan 31, 2011 at 8:59 am in Medical Malpractice.

Is it possible that almost one in 20 patients acquire an infection while staying at a hospital? While this may seem shocking, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently made this estimation about hospital-acquired infections.

Most Kentuckians are probably aware of Senate Bill 72, which would make it a requirement for Kentucky hospitals to report all infections as well as put infection prevention programs into practice for areas such as surgical and intensive care units. The legislature is expected to reconvene on February 1.

Although hospitals are already required to report hospital-acquired infections based on federal regulations, the new proposal would require hospitals to send this data to state officials at the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. The idea is that this new procedure will help the state Department of Health manage outbreaks and other infectious disease problems more efficiently.

A Bluegrass Politics report states that about 1,400 fatalities could be attributed to hospital-acquired infections a year in Kentucky. Moreover, some individuals claim that the federal reporting system has not stopped hospital-acquired infections in the state.

Patient infections acquired at health care facilities and hospitals are infections unrelated to the reason the patients are receiving medical attention. Common types of hospital-acquired infections are surgical wound infections, central line associated blood infection, pneumonia caused by ventilators, and urinary tract infections caused by catheters.

Medical professionals are expected to provide a high standard of care to patients. If negligence or malpractice is determined to have contributed to a patient acquiring an infection while staying at a hospital, the patient or their family may be able to hold negligent parties legally responsible. A Kentucky personal injury lawyer will work to protect the rights of many people who have been injured because of another’s negligence in cases of medical malpractice and other types of incidents.