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Keeping Kids Healthy at Kentucky Schools

Published on Sep 6, 2013 at 8:37 am in Child Injury.

While kids may be excited to go back to school, parents may not be excited about the coming cold and flu season. Unfortunately, a lot of children in one area make a perfect breeding ground for contagious diseases.

Why Do School Kids Get Sick So Often?

Viruses cause many childhood illnesses, and just one child with a virus can spread it in a large group. Simply breathing the air after a sneeze can spread a cold; and touching anything a sick child has touched can spread germs. Common culprits are pencil sharpeners, water fountains, and computer keyboards and mice.

Tips to Stay Healthy

The Mayo Clinic offers these tips to keep kids healthy at school:

  • Hand washing remains one of the best ways to kill germs. Remind your child to wash his or her hands before snack and lunchtime
  • Consider having your child keep a container of hand sanitizer in his or her desk, to use before eating
  • Remind children to try to keep their fingers out of their eyes and mouth
  • Ask kids not to share water bottles, or anything else they put their mouths on
  • Kids have more of a chance to stay healthy if they eat healthy meals and keep to a regular sleep schedule.

When your child is the sick one, teach them to keep from spreading the virus. They can keep tissues in their desk to sneeze into and should wash their hands carefully after going to the bathroom.