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Seven Ways to Know If Your Drowsy Driving Might Cause a Crash

Published on Nov 13, 2012 at 6:02 pm in Auto Accident.

When asked by the AAA Foundation whether drowsy driving was dangerous, 96 percent of respondents said that drivers shouldn’t be behind the wheel when they’re too tired. Yet 10 percent of the same respondents said that they had driven drowsy themselves and continued to do so at least once per week.

As many as one in six car accidents in the United States each year are caused by drowsy driving. You can help prevent drowsy driving accidents by not driving when you’re too tired, so here are seven signs that you shouldn’t be behind the wheel:

  • You have trouble focusing your vision, you blink frequently, or your eyes feel heavy.
  • You can’t stop yourself from drifting off into daydreams or reveries.
  • You’re drifting or swerving out of your lane, crossing lines, or hitting rumble strips.
  • You keep missing signs or landmarks.
  • You feel sleepy, irritable, restless, or aggressive.
  • You yawn frequently or have trouble keeping your head up.
  • Try as you might, you can’t remember the last few miles you drove.

After 20 hours without sleep, the average driver is as impaired as if he or she had a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent, which is the legal limit for drunk driving in every U.S. state. Experienced Kentucky car accident attorney Tad Thomas can help you get the compensation you need if you’ve been injured by a drowsy or distracted driver.