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Louisville, KY Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

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The U.S. pharmaceutical industry is responsible for an enormous slice of the U.S. Economy – roughly $300 billion dollars. With so much money at stake and so many employees around the world laboring to discover the next breakthrough drug, it is perhaps not surprising that the industry has marshaled considerable political power to its side over many years. Today the pharmaceutical lobby is among the most influential in Washington, acting as a lobbying behemoth and wellspring for untold millions of political dollars. Suffice it to say, this is a formidable opponent for individuals to tackle on their own. Without a knowledgeable Louisville, KY dangerous drugs lawyer on your side, the task is impossible.

There is a dark side to so much power and influence as well. Many advocates do not believe the Food and Drug Administration possesses the clout or manpower to sufficiently test and review every new drug that makes its way to market. Recent debacles such as Vioxx have reminded the American public that not every innovation is safe, and sometimes considerable marketing muscle gets thrown behind treatments that are at best unproven, and at worst hazardous.

Pharmaceutical cases come in many forms, from simple adverse reactions to destructive drug interactions, organ failure and systemic rejection of the medication. In extreme cases, the wrong drug is prescribed altogether, leading to an ineffectual course of treatment that may introduce significant problems along the way. The simple truth about drug trials is that they tend to involve subjects who are already in perfect health which results in trials that inadequately predict the harms a drug might cause. Here in the real world, conflicting ailments and pre-existing conditions can complicate the delivery of any pharmaceutical, creating the circumstances for a single victim, or a thousand, to fall unexpectedly ill. In addition, a growing number of physicians are prescribing medications for ‘off-label’ uses, meaning the drugs are being prescribed for a treatment that was not approved by the FDA. And even the drugs sanctioned by the healthcare industry can come with risks of their own.

Most patients lack the training and ability to investigate cases such as these on their own. That’s why many experts recommend contacting a Louisville personal injury attorney who is experienced in the art of pharmaceutical case law. Proper representation can get you in touch with unbiased medical experts who will evaluate your case and advise your attorney about the type of compensation you may deserve.

It is easier than it sounds. If you have found yourself stagnating in a course of treatment or experiencing adverse effects, it is best to seek out the opinion of an independent expert in the field. Pharmaceuticals are powerful and often unpredictable, and there is simply no reason to suffer just because you were handed a dangerous prescription. If you have any questions about pharmaceutical case law or simply want to speak with someone who represents the field, please do not hesitate to contact Louisville, KY dangerous drugs lawyer Tad Thomas today.