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St. Louis Product Liability Lawyer

When a dangerous product is on the market, those who use the product may suffer from serious injuries and losses. The negligent party should be held accountable for their actions. If you or a loved one has been harmed because of a defective product, Thomas Law Offices can help you. A St. Louis product liability lawyer from our firm will fight for you to recover full and fair compensation for your damages.

Missouri Product Liability Law

It’s important to know about the type of claim you’re filing so you know what your case will entail. In Missouri, a product liability claim is when the plaintiff is seeking damages and holding the defendant liable for the damages. The defendant is liable because they transferred the product.

The plaintiff used the product in a predictable manner, and the product was either defective and dangerous when used, which resulted in the plaintiff’s injuries and damages. Another situation could be the plaintiff used the product and it was dangerous when used, and the plaintiff didn’t have warning about possible dangers when using the product.

Our lawyers will review your case to find out the details of your accident and resulting injuries. As we investigate the product, we’ll look into how the product caused harm. Let’s look in the various ways a product can become a hazard.

How Do Products Become Dangerous?

There are several ways a product can become dangerous. Once you’ve found out how your product malfunctioned, you’ll likely have a better idea of who was responsible for your injuries. Let’s go over those stages.

  • Design Defect. When a product’s design is defective, the product has flaws which could cause an accident when it’s used. A design flaw can occur if a product is rushed to production without adequate testing.
  • Manufacturing Defect. During the manufacturing process, there could be an error with how the product is made or there could be cheaper materials used to make the product. While this can cause a product to be hazardous, this may only affect some of the entire product. This could be the particular products that were manufactured in a certain plant.
  • Marketing Defect. Products need to be correctly and clearly labeled. If there is a mistake in its instructions, has confusing images that could be misinterpreted, or other incorrect information, it could lead to a consumer using the product incorrectly.
  • Failure to Warn. If there aren’t instructions on how to use the product or warnings about potential hazards that aren’t obvious to the consumer, then the manufacturer may be held responsible for the consumer’s injuries.

No matter which stage the product was in, the defect should not have happened in the first place. Your injuries were preventable. Your St. Louis product liability lawyer will help you protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve.

What Kinds of Products Can Be Defective?

Any type of product can be harmful when negligence is involved. Some of the common types of defective products that can cause serious injuries include the following:

  • Auto Parts. When an auto part is defective, it could cause a devastating car accident. A defective tire, engine, or brakes could make a driver lose control of their vehicle. In other cases, the accident could have happened for other reasons, but the car’s safety features failed. If the seat belt doesn’t properly restrain the occupant or the air bags fail to deploy, the driver and other vehicle occupants may sustain more severe or possibly fatal injuries.
  • Tools. Consumers may use tools for personal use or for their job. A defective tool may result in serious injury like lacerations or burns.
  • Medical Devices. Many depend on medical devices, whether it’s a device that’s implanted or a device used in a hospital. If there’s a flaw with the device, it could possibly injure the patient or put their life at risk. For example, a defective hip replacement could break down or fall out of place over time.
  • Medication. If medicine is dangerous, those who take it may be at risk of severe injury. A mislabeled package could result in someone taking the wrong medication. If the medicine has dangerous ingredients, the person taking it could have unforeseen side effects.
  • Appliances. Household appliances like microwaves or stoves are common items in the home. If these appliances are hazardous, they could cause serious injury. For example, if the appliances are fire hazards, they could possibly start a fire and put everyone in the household at risk.
  • Children’s Toys. Children’s toys could be made with dangerous materials that can make children sick. Other issues could arise from design defects that could make the toy a fire hazard or choking hazard.

These are a handful of examples of how certain types of defective products could cause harm. If you believe a defective or otherwise hazardous product caused your injuries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office. A St. Louis product liability attorney from our firm will begin investigating how the accident happened and the injuries you sustained so you can get the compensation you deserve.

How a St. Louis Product Liability Lawyer Can Help You

When a defective product has harmed you, it may be the manufacturer who was at fault. Going up against a company to hold them liable for your injuries can be intimidating to do on your own. With representation from Thomas Law Offices at your side, you won’t have to worry about being intimidated.

We’re prepared to take on negligent manufacturing companies and show them how their defective product caused you harm. When we’re fighting for your fair compensation, we’ll take your medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and more into account. You’ll be able to recover physically, emotionally, and financially.

Get the peace of mind you deserve today and contact our office for a free consultation. You can review your legal options with one of our skilled personal injury lawyers and we can find the way to proceed to benefit your best interests.