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How Often Do Golf Cart Injuries Occur?

Published on Jan 19, 2021 at 8:59 am in Personal Injury.

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Going golfing can be a fun way to get exercise and socialize with friends. To get from hole to hole, and to navigate the grounds, it’s common for golfers to ride on golf carts that they rent from the course. Although the golf carts are intended for safe rides around the course, sometimes they are not driven safely or encounter objects and animals along the way that put the driver and others at risk.

When you’ve been injured by or in a golf cart accident that wasn’t your fault, then you could be eligible to file a personal injury claim against the person who caused your injuries. In Louisville, Thomas Law Offices can handle your case and ensure that you get justice for your wrongful injuries and receive full and fair compensation.

Common Golf Cart Injuries

Over the years, golf carts have become more popular for recreational and personal use. Because of this, golf cart injuries happen more often, and the amount of golf cart injuries has increased every year. According to an article published by the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, golf cart injuries have gone up over 130 percent over a 17-year period.

While golf cart injuries typically aren’t fatal, accidents involving golf carts can still cause serious injuries that take a long time to heal and can keep you from going back to work. According to that article, the most common injuries sustained from golf carts are soft tissue injuries. Here are some of the other common injuries that can be caused by golf carts:

Now that we’ve looked at common injuries from golf carts, let’s take a look at what actions often lead to these injuries occurring.

What Causes Golf Cart Injuries?

Since golf carts have an intended use for easy driving around a golf course, it can be dangerous when they collide with objects. While golf courses are the predominant place where carts are used, other people can buy golf carts to easily get around public parks, private property, and other large spaces.

The same article from above reports that over 70 percent of injuries from golf carts happen at sports facilities, like golf courses. The remaining injuries that happen are almost split down the middle, with just over 15 percent happening on streets and public property, and about 14 percent happening on private property, like a home or a farm.

Golf carts don’t have the safety features that other vehicles have, and since they don’t have any doors, riders can easily be thrown from their seats and injured. Let’s look at what causes golf cart injuries to better understand why accidents involving them are so dangerous. Some causes of golf cart accidents are:

  • Drinking alcohol on the course or at home then driving the golf cart
  • Driving too fast on uneven or windy pavement or ground
  • Driving recklessly on public or private property
  • Driving through a wooded area
  • Running over a person’s foot
  • Hitting another person or an object with the cart
  • Trying to make a jump

When you prepare to drive or ride in a golf cart, much like any other vehicle, make sure you are sober, know how to properly operate the vehicle, and are aware of your surroundings. Golf cart injuries can be largely prevented by drivers who pay attention and drive carefully.

Thomas Law Offices can Offer You Legal Representation

Even though accidents and injuries involving golf carts can be avoided, they still happen. When you are injured by a golf cart and it was someone else’s fault, you could have a personal injury claim on your hands. Since you were likely on the cart with your friends or family, you might feel uncomfortable filing a claim against them, but you shouldn’t have to pay for injuries that you didn’t cause.

A Kentucky personal injury lawyer from Thomas Law Offices can offer you legal representation so that you can feel confident with your claim. We’ll fully investigate what happened to determine who was at fault, whether it was the driver, the golf cart manufacturer, or the golf course or property where the accident happened. With our help, you can rest assured that you’ll get the justice you deserve. Contact us today so that we can get started.