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Ohio’s Most Dangerous Roads and Highways

Published on Jan 17, 2019 at 8:43 am in Auto Accident.

Thousands of unsuspecting victims are injured or worse every year in car accidents on Ohio’s roads and highways. Many of these wrecks are a direct result of other drivers’ negligence. As a diligent, responsible driver, it’s important to be aware of the most dangerous roadways in the state. This knowledge will allow you to take extra precautions in the areas where the most accidents, injuries, and deaths occur.

Many of the most dangerous roads are interstates. Accidents on interstates are often attributed to high speeds and distracted driving. This does not mean, however, that accidents do not occur in more rural parts of the state. A crash can happen anywhere at any time. But, based on accident rates compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the following ten roads and highways are considered the most dangerous in Ohio:

  • Interstate 71. I-71 is the most dangerous highway in Ohio. This is because of the significant number of fatalities that occur on this roadway every year, which, on average, is around 18. This interstate sees heavy traffic around rush hour times because of the commuter use. There are often areas of construction for drivers to maneuver their way around, as well.
  • Interstate 76. There is a seven-mile stretch of I-76 in Jackson Township that sees a significant number of rear-end crashes, multi-vehicle accidents, and fatalities. Many of these wrecks are attributed to drivers not paying attention in construction zones where two lanes of traffic merge into one and the speed limit quickly goes from 70 mph to 50 mph.
  • Interstate 77. I-77 is under frequent construction and has varying speeds that negligent drivers often ignore. Inclement weather is also an issue on this roadway. When snow begins to fall or ice forms on the highway, drivers are more likely to lose control of their vehicles.
  • Interstate 80. This east-west transcontinental highway enters Ohio with I-90 from the Indiana Toll Road and immediately turns into the Ohio Turnpike. Crashes are likely to occur in Rossford, where the turnpike intersects with I-75. This area is known as the Crossroads of America. It is one of the largest intersection in the United States. Intersections are common spots for crashes because of right-of-way errors and driver impatience.
  • Innerbelt Freeway. This portion of Ohio’s roadways sees a number of accidents every year because of a curve on the road that is hidden past a bridge. Because city highways are tight, accidents are likely to happen if a person takes the curve too fast.
  • State Route 161. Also known as Dublin Granville Road, this area often sees many wrecks outside of rush hour times. There are two intersections located east of I-71 where accidents are likely to occur. The wrecks are often attributed to the confusing service roads that were originally created to reduce the instance of crashes.
  • Highway 271. I-271, just south of Fairmount Boulevard, sees a significant number of accidents every year. The majority of these crashes result in injury and property damage; however, the most significant wrecks result in fatalities. This highway is officially known as the Outerbelt East Freeway. It begins at an interchange with I-71 and I-480. Accidents are common because the width varies greatly, from four to twelve lanes, depending on the area.
  • Interstate 277. I-277 begins at an interchange with I-76. It ends at an interchange with I-77, where it continues as U.S. 224. Crashes on this section of road often involve tractor trailers or other large trucks. Speeding, as well as distracted driving, is an issue.
  • Interstate 480. This auxiliary interstate highway of I-80 is almost 42 miles long and bypasses Cleveland, OH. During peak times, traffic jams are common because of the convergence of I-480 and I-271. While it was originally constructed to give motorists a faster way of getting through Cleveland’s suburbs, the stretch now sees a number of accidents because of high traffic volume and reckless driving.
  • Highway 670. I-670 is a popular highway that carries commuters downtown and provides access to popular neighborhoods like the Arena District and Short North. There is an interchange with I-71 that see a significant amount of traffic trying to quickly switch lanes.

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