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According to statistics compiled by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), forklift accidents take the lives of around 85 workers a year. They also result in nearly 100,000 serious and non-serious injuries. The Industrial Truck Association estimates that there are more than 850,000 forklifts in operation in the United States. Extrapolating from these statistics, we can assume than 10 percent of forklifts are involved in accidents.

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The most common fatal forklift accidents involve tipping. Crushing accidents account for approximately 37 percent of all fatalities. Forklifts can also be dangerous by releasing falling debris or by running over workers. Forklift accidents are common in industries like mining, construction, manufacturing, transportation, wholesale trading, and retail trading. But these dangerous vehicles can hurt or even kill in practically any environment – even construction site passersby have been harmed and killed by forklifts.

In the wake of a scary, debilitating, or tragic industrial machining accident, the victim may immediately jump to conclusions about how the accident occurred, who might be responsible, and how damages should be assessed. These assessments are emotional. And your passion for justice – for getting due compensation to pay for medical bills, rehabilitation, spinal reconstruction surgery, etc – is a key motivator. But to win a personal injury claim, you need to build a logically tight and compelling case based on facts – not based on opinions or emotions. You also need a Louisville, KY forklift accident lawyer by your side.

To that end, the more concrete data, information, pictures, and testimonies you can gather about the accident, the better. Exactly when did the accident occur? How did the victim get hurt? What factors caused or contributed to the accident? These might include:

  • Driver of the forklift was under the influence of alcohol or drugs or medication;
  • Company failed to secure proper permits to use the forklift;
  • Vehicle was old and/or underserviced;
  • Operator was inexperienced;
  • Construction crew had been pushed to work longer hours than their contract stipulated.

Your attorney will need to look at all of these details and synthesize them to come up with the best and most accurate case for you.

Attorney Tad Thomas can help you understand how to develop your case, whom to name as liable parties, and how to stay in relaxed control of your life as you move forward with your case. Louisville, KY forklift accident lawyer Thomas has significant experience, serving a long tenure as the Assistant Deputy Attorney General for the state of Kentucky. His offices are just two blocks away from the Louisville courthouses, and he can leverage his experience with the Kentucky justice system and relationships to deliver results for you and your family. Learn more about his services at https://www.thomaslawoffices.com, or call him immediately to set up a free consultation at (502) 473-6540.

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