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Missouri’s Crime Victim’s Compensation Program

Published on Jan 18, 2018 by Thomas Law Offices.
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The Missouri Crime Victim’s Compensation Program is designed to financially assist victims who have sustained bodily or psychological injury in paying for reasonable medical expenses, counseling expenses, funeral expenses, and lost wages or loss of support after experiencing a violent crime. To apply for this compensation, victims need to fill out an application. Here is some information about the application process and how eligibility is determined:

The first thing you’ll need to know is that the application must be filed with the office within two (2) years of the crime date, or in cases involving persons under 18, within two (2) years of discovery. The term “discovery” here refers to the date when the event occurred or in the case of a loved one whose life was lost, the date the event was discovered.

Some Eligibility Conditions

The victim and claimant must show proof of United States citizenship or proof of legal status in the United States.

The crime must be reported to law enforcement within 48 hours of the incident unless there is good cause, or in cases involving persons under 18, within 48 hours of discovery. A victim continually residing in a certified domestic violence shelter for up to five (5) days from the crib date may constitute good cause for delay in reporting the crime.

The victim must cooperate with law enforcement and prosecution.

The application must be signed and notarized.

Available Benefits

A claim may be filed for reasonable out-of-pocket expenses only. The following expenses are covered by the program:

  1. Medical Expenses
  2. Funeral Expenses
  3. Counseling Expenses
  4. Lost wages/or loss of support (victims must be gainfully employed on crime date)

Limits On Awards

Total compensation awards may not exceed $25,000. The awards are broken down as follows:

  1. Up to $400 per week for lost wages
  2. Up to $5,000 for funeral expenses
  3. Up to $2,500 for counseling expenses
  4. Up to $250 for personal property such as bedding and clothing seized by law enforcement as evidence in the crime for which compensation is being sought

Eligible Benefits

You may be eligible for benefits if:

  1. You sustained a personal bodily injury as a victim of a violent crime or as a result of helping another person or police officer, or while attempting to precent a crime; or
  1. You are the relative of a sexual assault victim who needs counseling in order to better assist the victim in recovery; or
  1. In the event of a victim’s death, you are the surviving spouse, child or other dependent of a deceased violent crimes victim; or
  1. You are a Missouri resident who suffered personal injury or death as a result of terrorism committed outside of the United States.

False Information and Eligibility

It is a crime to knowingly provide false information on the application in order to receive benefits from the Program.

Claim eligibility cannot be determined until the Program has completed a thorough investigation of the crime and expenses for which compensation is being sought.

Losses Not Covered

  1. Stolen or damaged property
  2. Pain and suffering
  3. Crime scene clean up or relocation
  4. Rent, mortgage payments, utilities
  5. Food and/or clothing costs
  6. Tuition reimbursement
  7. Monetary losses from investment schemes
  8. Identity Theft

Collateral Sources

The Crime Victims’ Compensation Program is a payor of last resort that pays for financial losses not covered by other sources. These sources include, but are not limited to:

  1. Insurance (health, auto, disability)
  2. Workers’ Compensation
  3. Public funds such as Medicaid or Medicare
  4. Paid sick or annual leave
  5. Restitution

How To File A Claim

Applications can be obtained by contacting the program at:

Crime Victims’ Compensation
P.O. Box 1589
Jefferson City, MO 65102-1589

Phone: (573) 526-6006


Toll Free 1-(800) 347-6881 (Victims Only)

Applications can be downloaded at: www.dps.mo.gov


This brochure is only a summary of Missouri law relating to the Crime Victims’ Compensation Program administered by the Missouri Department of Public Safety. It is not in itself binding upon the Crime Victims’ Compensation Program.

For actual provision, please refer to the Missouri Crime Victims’ Compensation law, Chapter 595, RSMo, as amended.

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