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OSHA Investigation Under Way after Horseshoe Casino Construction Accident

Published on Jan 27, 2012 at 2:24 pm in Construction Accident.

Workplaces can be dangerous; a fact that was discovered today by workers at the site of the new Horseshoe Casino in Cincinnati, Ohio. Fifteen workers were injured when the building collapsed as concrete was being poured on the second floor. It is believed that a beam fell causing the floor to buckle and collapse. Investigators from the city’s building department and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are now on-site to determine what went wrong. Fortunately, it is believed that none of the workers have suffered life-threatening injuries.

OSHA issues regulations that are intended to protect workers. On construction sites, those regulations cover everything from the type of safety equipment that must be available to workers to the training that must be given to ensure those workers know how to use that equipment. In a recent case I handled employees of a contractor where not given the proper PPE, or personal protective equipment, to protect them from powdered lead. Nor were they given any training on how to work safely around this hazardous material.

Failures such as these, on the part of employers, have wide-ranging legal implications. Not only are workers protected by state workers compensation statutes, which are often insufficient to compensate victims, but there are also other potential claims against companies that may be partially responsible for the event. In some serious cases, there may even be criminal charges leveled against contractors who have placed their employees at risk of serious injuries.

Victims of these events in Kentucky should seek the services of a knowledgeable Louisville construction accident attorney who understands how workers compensation laws work in conjunction with other potential claims. Attorneys experienced in construction site injuries will help victims of these life changing events obtain the compensation necessary to pay for medical bills and lost pay as well as potential monies for pain and suffering.