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Understanding Kentucky Hit-and-Run Accident Liability

Published on Feb 27, 2013 at 4:27 pm in Auto Accident.

In Kentucky, as in other U.S. states, to “hit and run” in a car accident is both a crime and exposes the hit-and-run driver to civil liability for the injuries of anyone hurt in the accident. Those who are injured in this type of crash have certain legal rights, and speaking to an experienced hit-and-run victim attorney in Kentucky is an important first step to protecting those rights.

Kentucky law requires those involved in auto accidents to stop at the scene, determine the extent of the injury or property damage that occurred, and offer whatever assistance the person is capable of giving. Those involved in the crash should also exchange contact information, which can include details about auto insurance coverage if applicable, but must at least include names, addresses, and vehicle identification numbers (VINs). Accidents that cause considerable property damage and/or personal injury must also be reported to police.

When a driver is involved in a crash but fails to stop at the scene, the accident is known as a “hit-and-run.” Although people injured in a hit-and-run accident are entitled to seek compensation from the driver who caused the crash, getting compensation can be difficult when it’s hard to identify the person who caused your auto accident injuries.

A police investigation may turn up useful information, or an experienced Kentucky car accident lawyer can help you investigate the accident to determine who is at fault and fight for the compensation you need.