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Support Tad for AAJ Parliamentarian

AAJ Rules of Election require written permission from individuals prior to their names being publicly listed as supporters.  The following is a list of those individuals who have already given me permission to use their names.  You will see that they are lawyers from big firms and small firms, big cities and small towns, mass tort firms and single event firms, leaders in sections and litigation groups, board members and former board members, and leaders in the Minority Caucus, Women’s Caucus, LGBT Caucus and the New Lawyers Division.  It is this sort of diversity that is celebrated in our organization, and represents the kind of leader I aspire to be – one who brings together lawyers from all walks of life, from all practice areas and from all sizes of firms for the good of our organization and the benefit of our clients.  I hope you will consider adding your name to the list. But, most importantly, I hope you will show up to the AAJ convention in Boston and cast your vote.


Are you an AAJ member?
Will you be attending the Boston convention?
Does Tad have your permission to publicly list your name as a supporter?

John Abaray KY
Janet Abaray OH
Morgan Adams TN
Lori Andrus CA
Vance Andrus CO
Rick Barrera TX
Lloyd Bell GA
Marisa Bellair CT
Jesse Bernheim FL
John Bey GA
Jacksy Bilsborrow NY
Paula Bliss MA
Mike Bonamarte IL
Jeffrey Boyd WA
Michael Brown SC
Sandy Bryant IN
Russell Budd TX
Stacey Burke TX
Paul Byrd AR
Robert Cain MS
Vanessa Cantley KY
Diane Cardoso NJ
Paul Casi KY
Lisa Causey-Streete LA
Mark Chalos TN
Darren Check PA
Rick Circeo KY
Robert A. Clifford IL
Mark Clore SC
Robert Collins TX
Erin Copeland TX
Greg Coplan IL
Lindsay Cordes KY
Martin Crump MS
Alexa D’Amato NJ
Bob Daley MI
John Dalimonte MA
Sindu Daniel TX
Joe Earley CA
Damon Ellis WV
Roger Fenderson IN
Trudy Fenster VI
Julie Ferraro MA
Amanda Francis CO
Frank Frasier OK
Courtney French AL
Joe Fried GA
Dan Friedman NE
Keith Fuicelli CO
Brenda Fulmer FL
Mike Gallant DC
Brian Galligan IA
Brandi Gatewood MS
Sid Gilreath TN
Maria Gloriso LA
Vince Glorioso LA
Chris Glover AL
Saul Gruber NJ
Corban Gunn MS
Laura Heiman TN
Penny Hendy KY
Steve Herman LA
Javier Herrera TX
Katie Hubbard MO
Priscilla Jimenez PA
Ron Johnson KY
Allan Kanner LA
Marty Kardon PA
Krisi Kastl TX
Walter Kelley MA
Brian Kent PA
James Kessel VA
Sabah Khalaf OK
Casey Kimball KY
Mark Kosieradzki MN
Mike Krzak IL
Tim Lange KY
Ken Laska CT
Bernard Layne WV
Ira Leesfield FL
John Leighton FL
Ken Levinson IL
Adam Levitt IL
Lindsy Lopez KY
Donna MacKenzie MI
Brennen Maki CT
Adam Malone GA
Ricardo Martinez-Cid FL
Danielle Mason AL
Justin May KY
Tom McGrath AL
Phillip Miller TN
Paul Miller CA
Matt Minner KY
Jamie Moncus AL
Kevin Monsour KY
Jennifer Moore KY
James Morgan CA
Howard Nations TX
Will Nefzger KY
Deborah Nelson WA
Brian Nettles NV
Jackie Olinger MO
Sach Oliver AR
Roger Orlando GA
Jeff Padwa RI
Cade Parian GA
Peter Perlman KY
Micahel Pfau WA
Ellen Presby TX
Jessica Pride CA
Adam Pulaski TX
Emily Railey Mills AL
Ashleigh Raso MN
David Rheingold NY
Jason Richards FL
William Ricigliano NY
Ken Riley AL
Bill Robins CA
Trevor Rockstad MS
Frank Rodriquez NJ
Matt Rosenberg PA
Steven Rotman DC
Joe Satterley CA
Rick Schulte OH
Fred Schultz IN
Paul Scoptur WI
Brad Sears KY
Parag Shah GA
Matt Sill OK
Thomas Sims TX
Jared Smith KY
Carl Solomon SC
Layne Stackhouse TX
Jay Stefani IL
Gerard Stranch TN
Tyler Thompson KY
Lynn Toops IN
Ernest Tosh TX
Calvin Tregre OH
Jay Urban WI
Jay Vaughn KY
Bobby Warner WV
Raeann Warner DE
Jill Webb IL
Kevin Weis KY
Chris Welsh NE
David Wenner AZ
Conlee Whiteley LA
Keith Williams TN
Robyn Wishart Canada
Michael Wright OH
Mark Zamora GA
Genevieve Zimmerman MN