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Catastrophic injuries sneak up on us, and they change our lives forever. These injuries not only effect the injured, but the entire family support system around them. Especially if the victim was the sole bread winner for the family or a single parent.

Dealing with the Fallout of a Catastrophe Intelligently, Proactively, and Calmly

Whether you seriously sprained your neck in an accident on the highway; or your child was burned by firecrackers at a friend’s house; or your great aunt alleged that her nursing home attendant physically abused her and prevented her from getting access to her medications, you likely feel a tremendous degree of overwhelm, frustration, anger, and stew of other emotions.

Return to Relaxed Control

Obviously, it goes without saying that you should seek immediate medical attention. But, beyond this, what else should you do?

Regaining control immediately may not be possible. But you can take active steps to begin the process. For instance, document precisely what happened, why, and who was involved. If you are too sick or injured to do this, ask a friend or a witness to help you get the details down on paper. This is important because human memory is notoriously “sieve-like.” It warps, changes, and gets essentially mangled over time. For many reasons — and not just to prepare a potential personal injury case — it’s helpful to create a written record of witness statements as well as photographic evidence. At this point, don’t be picky about what you write down and collect. Just collect as much evidence as you can, and your attorney can later help you sort out what’s useful and what’s not.

Lastly, connect with a Louisville personal injury lawyer soon to discuss the possible legal recourse you have to get paid back for your injuries, medical bills, and longer horizon costs like rehabilitation therapy, vocational training, and long-term income replacement.

As you try to reconcile all of the problems and projects that the catastrophic injury has created for you, keep this mantra in mind: make sure to get the help you need. Medical professionals, personal injury attorneys, support groups, friends, family members, and community service organizations can all pitch in to help you rebound from the terrible setback.

Good Legal Help Now

If you want to learn more about your potential legal rights, Louisville, KY catastrophic injury lawyer Tad Thomas can provide a free case consultation. Learn more about Mr. Thomas’s track record, philosophy, and background, browse the site, or give him a call at (502) 473-6540.