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Louisville, KY Hospital Malpractice Lawyer

Whether you experienced a traumatic injury at a hospital due to obvious doctor or caregiver negligence; or you suffered an infection, sepsis, or other problem that you suspect might have been indirectly caused (or worsened) by bad hospital practices, you need better information about your legal rights and possible sources of recourse. You need the help of a Louisville, KY hospital malpractice lawyer.

When are Hospitals Liable?

Hospitals are liable for the actions of employees, including nurses, physicians, technicians, and paramedics. If a paramedic gave you the wrong medication (or the wrong amount of the right medication), and you suffered adverse side effects, the hospital (and/or its insurer) may have to pay for your medical care, rehabilitation, time off of work, and other costs.

The hospital may also be liable for costs if a hospital physician committed malpractice that led to an injury. Not all doctor malpractice can lead to a malpractice lawsuit against the hospital, however. Some doctors work as “independent contractors” – that is, they are not legally affiliated with the hospital. Thus, if such a physician committed malpractice, you will have to sue the physician directly since the hospital cannot be held liable for damages.

Have you recently been injured or become more ill while staying at a hospital? If so, you likely don’t have the time, resources, or experience to determine who should be held responsible: a careless doctor or the hospital itself. Indeed, “over researching” your legal options online can even lead you to a state of analysis paralysis. In other words, you come to believe the (false) assumption that pursuing a hospital malpractice case is “more than you can handle” right now.

In this daunted state, you may neglect to do things that can protect your legal rights – things such as collecting and preserving evidence from your sickness/overdose/accident, writing down witness statements, tracking your mood and physical condition in a diary, taking pictures of the site of the accident/injury, and getting a second opinion from an experienced medical professional about what caused the problem. If you, personally, are too ill or disoriented to collect this evidence and keep it straight, deputize someone whom you trust (e.g. a spouse, close friend, or family member) to do this important work for you.

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Louisville personal injury attorney Tad Thomas can help you understand what went wrong at the hospital, who caused the problem, and how you should pursue legal action (if necessary) to get paid in full for the extra time you had to spend in the hospital to recover, lost productivity and time off of work, pain and suffering, and future costs, such as long-term rehabilitation and therapy.

Mr. Thomas served for years in the office of Kentucky’s Attorney General before returning to private practice. He is an experienced, compassionate, and respectable Louisville medical malpractice lawyer who is located near the Louisville courthouses. He can explain to you, step by step, what you need to do, so you will feel better about your case and secure that you are making progress. Connect with him now at (502) 473-6540.