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Louisville, KY Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer

Louisville, KY insurance bad faith lawyerWhile the insurance industry does not exactly have the best reputation for niceness and fairness, most people nevertheless trust insurance companies to abide by terms in contracts and to otherwise “play by the rules.” In other words, we acknowledge that insurance companies are businesses. They aim to maximize their revenues by paying out as little as possible on claims and generating as much revenue via premiums and other fees as the market and law will abide.

However, insurance companies do not always “play fair.” And victims often do not realize how and when these “bad faith” insurers scam them. Even if you can identify insurance company wrongdoings and demand that they stop, you may not have the leverage, means, or experience to make the system work for you. You need a Louisville, KY insurance bad faith lawyer to help you fight back against those wrongdoings.

What Are Common Examples of Insurance Bad Faith?

A negligent driver’s insurer refuses to pay your medical bills after an accident.

For instance, say you got into a bad car crash outside of Louisville. The negligent driver (who had been chatting on the cell phone when he ran a red light and struck your vehicle) admitted to fault. But his insurance company nevertheless arbitrarily refuses to pay for your hospital bills, rehab, and vehicle damage. How do you fix this?

Insurance company refuses to pay damages from a lawsuit.

For example, after a tornado significantly damaged your home, your insurance company refused to pay you per the terms of your policy for the loss of your property. You took the company to court and won a judgment. But now the insurer still refuses to pay. What do you do?

Insurance carrier refuses to acknowledge that you even have a claim.

For instance, say a drunk driver slammed into your car on the 4th of July weekend and drove off without stopping and providing their personal and insurance information. Your only recourse to get paid is to go to your insurance company. But your insurer refuses to acknowledge that the incident fell within the scope of your comprehensive coverage. What do you do?

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Fighting Back Against Bad Faith Insurance Companies

As much as we all wish the world were a perfect place, it is obviously not. However, victims of insurance bad faith often have far more resources than they realize. Louisville lawyer Tad Thomas believes in protecting consumers’ and victims’ rights, and has designed his practice to maximize the results his clients can get, while minimizing their headaches and struggles.

Believe it or not, the hardest part of your case may be fighting through your own resistance to get the help you need to make progress. You’ve suffered a lot. But you can leverage powerful resources to ensure justice and fairness. The insurance company that wronged you is not all powerful, and the law provides ample resources for victims of bad faith insurers. Find out more about how Mr. Thomas can help you overcome the seemingly indestructible obstacles the insurance companies set up to block you by calling (502) 473-6540.