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Kansas City Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

When families make the difficult and emotional decision to place their loved one in a nursing home, they expect their loved one to receive the care and the life they deserve. Their loved one should have a dignified existence where they have access to the medical care they need and to maintain as high a quality of life as possible. If the nursing home has staff members who don’t have your loved one’s best interests in mind or enough staff to properly care for their residents, your loved one’s health may suffer. If this has happened to your loved one, a Kansas City nursing home abuse lawyer from Thomas Law Offices can help you get justice.

The lawyers at Thomas Law Offices believe in defending the rights of nursing home residents and will hold negligent nursing homes accountable for their actions. When your loved one’s rights have been violated, our lawyers will help you stand up for them.

Have an Experienced Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer on Your Side

When you’re handling a legal matter, it’s important to have experienced lawyers who can answer your questions, put together a strong case, and make sure everything is done properly. Personal injury cases can become complex and having a lawyer who has handled this type of case before and is familiar with the laws that apply to it will give you a better chance of helping your loved one.

A Kansas City nursing home abuse attorney from our firm will fight for your loved one to receive full and fair compensation for what they’ve been through. This can include damages for any injuries they’ve sustained, the costs of care, and the emotional losses the abuse or negligence caused.

If your loved one passed away while in the care of a nursing home and you suspect abuse or neglect was the cause, you can also seek help from our wrongful death lawyers as well. While we cannot undo what happened to your loved one, we can hold the party responsible for their passing accountable for their actions. Getting your loved one justice may bring some comfort and you can grieve for your loved ones with some peace of mind knowing you made their voice heard.

A skilled Kansas City nursing home abuse lawyer knows that your loved one’s case will have unique factors and circumstances. We’ll make sure they’re treated with the individualism they deserve and will carefully investigate what happened to them so we can fight for full and fair compensation.

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What Types of Abuse and Neglect Can Occur in a Nursing Home?

Residents in a nursing home may suffer certain injuries or other ailments when they’re faced with abuse or neglect. Sometimes, certain outcomes relate to the abuse or neglect they faced. Let’s go over these types and how they can present. This way, you’ll also know what to look out for and may be able to catch instances of abuse or neglect early.

According to the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services, abuse is the infliction of the following types of injury or harm done by a person, firm, or corporation:

  • Physical. When staff are too rough with your loved one or are physically violent and push, shove, or hit your loved one, your loved one can sustain serious physical injuries. Sometimes, this may show as bruises or bumps. However, broken bones can also occur.
  • Emotional. This kind of abuse can come from your loved one being isolated or if staff puts down your loved one when they talk to them. This can make your loved one feel alone. If they have a major change in demeanor and are more withdrawn or fearful, they may be dealing with emotional abuse.
  • Sexual. Whenever your loved one is subjected to a sexual situation that they did not consent to, they are a victim of sexual abuse. This can result in physical injuries and emotional injuries.
  • Financial. Forging checks, stealing your loved one’s money, or changing wills or deeds are all forms of financial exploitation that your loved one may not realize is occurring. Drastic changes to bank accounts or legal documents can indicate financial exploitation.

Your loved one may not be able to communicate what is happening to them. If they have a medical condition, remembering what happened or verbally saying what happened can be a challenge. There’s also the chance that your loved one is scared of retaliation or feel shame about what occurred. That’s why it’s so important to keep any eye out for signs of abuse and to remain vigilant about the quality of care your loved one receives.

Neglect is when a person, firm, or corporation fails to provide services to an eligible adult when they have a legal duty to do so. This can happen when nursing homes don’t have enough staff or staff experienced to provide your loved one with the care they need. Your loved one may not get medication on time, have staff help them maintain their personal hygiene, and regularly have clean clothes and bed sheets.

Errors in medication or missed dosages can lead to health complications, as well as unsanitary living conditions. If your loved one is exposed to germs, they could contract an illness like the flu. While the flu is usually an inconvenience for healthy adults, the flu can be life-threatening to an older person with a compromised immune system.

If your loved one usually has assistance when using the restroom but they haven’t had anyone come to their room for a while, they may try to walk to the restroom on their own. This can result in a fall. Fall injuries can be dangerous for senior citizens. A fall can cause a broken hip, which can also get infected. Recovering from a fall can be a slow and difficult process.

When you visit your loved one, take a look at the environment they’re in. Look for cleanliness, the state of your loved one, and take note of how often they’re visited by staff. If you see anything concerning, you can address it with the nursing home. However, if there are consistent issues and your loved one’s health suffers, you may want to get in touch with a Kansas City nursing home abuse lawyer.

Thomas Law Offices Protects Kansas City Citizens

While learning your loved one was harmed in their nursing home can leave you feeling uncertain of how to best help your loved one, our Kansas City nursing home abuse attorneys are here to help in any way we can. After your loved one is in a safe environment, we can begin working on how to represent your loved one’s best interests.

Reviewing the care your loved one received, the injuries or ailments they suffered, and other related damages to the abuse or neglect will show us how the nursing home failed to provide your loved one with the care they deserved. We’ll assess the injuries and losses to find the compensation your loved one is eligible to receive and will begin advocating for their financial recovery.

Get in touch with our office today so we can begin helping you and your loved one. Our lawyers are ready to go over the legal process and help you find the best option that will give your loved one the future they deserve.

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