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When we go to the grocery store, agree to try a new drug or medical device, or pick up an item at our favorite retailer, we trust that the products and goods we’re buying will be safe and won’t cause us harm. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is in place for a reason, and numerous safety and regulation organizations stop product manufacturers from placing unsafe goods on the market. Despite all this, unsafe and dangerous products are sold every single day.

If children’s lives are placed in danger due to a malfunctioning toy or a crop is mistakenly sprayed with the wrong chemical resulting in dozens of people becoming sick, U.S. regulations will generally force a recall of that product or food, removing the item from sale entirely. Some items, however, don’t get recalled quickly enough or at all. It’s these instances that are especially dangerous.

Sometimes recalls don’t happen because major corporations will fight against the FDA or find loopholes to keep their products on the shelves. While their products are on the shelves, these corporations are still earning a profit, after all. The most notorious products for remaining on the market in spite of proven injuries are prescription drugs and defective medical devices. Drug and medical device manufacturers do everything they can to keep their products on the market despite reports of injuries or harmful side effects.

We, as a nation, need to put an end to this. Drug corporations and other high stake manufacturers shouldn’t be allowed to dictate what products and drugs are safe for us and our families. In order to put an end to these continued acts of negligence, the U.S. legal system lets citizens file lawsuits against these corporations and manufacturers.

Lawsuits deliver a powerful and impactful message, can help families financially recover and recuperate from injuries or prolonged suffering, and can help remove unsafe products and drugs from the marketplace. A Columbia, MO product liability lawyer can help you and your loved ones file a lawsuit against a company or manufacturer that has sold or distributed a product that inflicted injury.

How Product Liability Law Can Help

Product liability law covers a wide area of products and goods that are available on the open market. Essentially, a product liability lawsuit attempts to find out who is liable for an injury or impairment that occurred while a product or good was used and/or consumed. Depending on the case and product, it’s possible that the designer or manufacturer of the item can be held liable or responsible if the item wasn’t assembled correctly, had a serious design flaw, or contained harmful chemicals.

It may also be possible that the product’s supplier or retailer can be held liable. Was the product not advertised or labeled correctly? If this is the case, they may be held financially responsible. As with many types of personal injury lawsuits that go up against major corporations and businesses, product liability lawsuits can be incredibly difficult to win in court, but with enough evidence and a skillful product liability or personal injury lawyer, success is indeed possible.

A Columbia, MO product liability lawyer from Thomas Law Offices who has had success in fighting difficult personal injury lawsuits in the past can help you. We know what it takes to gather the right type of evidence and how to navigate the legal system to go up against major corporations during litigation. We won’t back down during a complicated case.

If you or a loved one have fallen victim to a defective or harmful product, you may be entitled to financial compensation. We fight for consumers like you every day, putting pressure on designers, manufacturers, and retailers to make and sell safe and reliable products. Contact our office to learn more or receive a free, zero-obligation case evaluation.