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Cincinnati Product Liability Lawyer

Today, consumers have access to products from all over the world. Many manufacturers follow guidelines to ensure that the products they make meet production standards. When a manufacturer creates products that aren’t up to par, and end up being defective, they can cause damage and injuries to consumers when they fail.

If you’ve been injured by a product that was defective or dangerous, then you could have a product liability claim. In Ohio, Thomas Law Offices’ Cincinnati product liability lawyer can provide you with legal representation against the company whose product injured you and you can hold them responsible for their negligence.

Product Liability Law

Manufacturers, distributors, sellers, and any other entity who distributes products to consumers can be held accountable for product liability when the product is not up to par. When the product is defective and harms or causes injury to the consumer, then a product liability claim can be filed against whoever was responsible for creating, distributing, or selling the product knowingly.

Every aspect of the product should be carefully created and tested to ensure that it is safe for consumers, and when that doesn’t happen, you can get injured. In Ohio, product liability law covers injuries, emotional damages, and physical damages that are caused by a defective or dangerous product. Not only can a victim file a product liability claim if you are directly harmed by the product itself, but you could also have a case if you are harmed by the marketing, lack of warning, or improper instructions.

As soon as you suffer an injury or other damages from a defective or dangerous product, and after you seek medical attention to treat the harm done, you should seek a legal claim against the entity responsible for your damages. You might feel hesitant because you’re likely going up against a large company, but you don’t want to wait too long to file a claim.

The statute of limitations for product liability says that you have 2 years since the damage was done to file a claim. That might seem like a long time, but when you’re dealing with life and treating your injuries, time can fly by. That’s why it’s important to file a claim quickly to ensure that you get justice for the damage that was wrongly done to you. A Cincinnati product liability lawyer from Thomas Law Offices can help you hold the company responsible for their negligence and help you get back to feeling normal.

In a worst-case scenario, a defective product has the potential to take the life of the person using it. If your loved one used a defective product or took a dangerous drug, and the harm caused by the product ended their life, then you could also file a wrongful death claim against the manufacturer, seller, or anyone else involved in the production or selling of the product.

Defective Products and Dangerous Drugs

When you buy a product, you likely assume that it is safe and being marketed honestly. You also likely are using this product to improve your life, treat an illness, or fix a problem that you had. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, products and medications are not made or marketed properly, and instead of helping you, they actually end up harming you.

Here are some of the products that are most commonly the basis of product liability lawsuits:

  • Medical devices. Different medical devices, like hernia mesh, can end up causing more harm than good when they are implanted into a patient.
  • Children’s toys. Sometimes children’s toys are created using harmful parts, like lead paint. They also might come apart and be used in ways that weren’t originally intended that harm the child.
  • Auto parts. Tires and other parts for cars are sometimes defective. Often, recalls for the devices are put into place, but that’s after the part causes harm. When they malfunction, they can cause dangerous car accidents that can lead to injuries to anyone involved in the collision.
  • Food Recalls. Sometimes food is packaged improperly, is distributed even though it is contaminated, or is mislabeled for allergens. These all can be harmful to consumers.
  • Medication. Drugs can be dangerous if they were not tested properly, a bad batch was missed, or their label is not honest about the side effects. Much like food, medication is administered into a body, and so when it is not safe for the consumer, it can cause serious harm to their body, and can even cause death.

Thomas Law Offices Will Represent You

As a consumer, you should feel confident that a product you buy, or a drug you’re taking, is safe, labeled correctly, and has been properly tested. When that doesn’t happen, you could suffer from serious side effects that you weren’t expecting, or you could acquire injuries that you didn’t think were possible. Our Cincinnati product liability lawyer can help you file a claim against the negligent party who is responsible for your injury.

At Thomas Law Offices, we understand how difficult it can be to deal with an injury from a defective product. You shouldn’t have to go through the recovery and claims process alone—that’s where we come in. We’ll handle the legal side of things for your product liability case so you can focus on what’s most important, which is healing. Reach out to us today so we can discuss your potential claim and decide how to move forward legally.