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Wheaton Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, and other types of long-term care facilities are legally obligated to provide residents under their charge with the care and attention they need to live high-quality lives. The needs and wants of every resident are different, so larger facilities with fewer staff often have a hard time providing quality care.

In the event you believe your loved one has been harmed or injured in their elder care home, you have the right to pursue legal action on their behalf. By doing so, you’ll be able to get the compensation they need to recover as fully as possible and find a facility that will provide them with what they need. To improve your chances of success, a Wheaton nursing home abuse lawyer can help.

Nursing Homes in Wheaton

If you’re looking to find the right nursing home in Wheaton, you’ll need to have a comprehensive understanding of your options. To start your research, Medicare provides lists of facilities—each of which has a rating based on health inspections, staffing, and quality of resident care. According to the Medicare Nursing Home Compare tool, the following four long-term care facilities are located within Wheaton city limits.

  • Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital. This facility has an overall rating of much above average. With only 14 beds, residents are often able to receive care when they need it.
  • Wheaton Village Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. Based on Medicare’s findings, this facility has a rating of much below average. While it has not been cited for any penalties, it has had issues with staffing and health inspections. While residents with short-term stays are likely to have an average experience, long-term residents are more likely to experience depression and weight loss.
  • Wynscape Health & Rehab. This facility has an overall rating of much above average. According to Medicare, it only has issues with health inspections. In the past three years, the facility has received four health citations as a result of two complaints.
  • Dupage Care Center. Dupage Care Center is rated as above average. While the quality of resident care is much above average and staffing is above average, health inspections are below average. Five complaints in the past three years have resulted in 11 health citations.

No matter where your loved one resides or what a facility’s rating is, they deserve quality care that helps them live their best life. If you have suspicions regarding the care there are receiving, you’ll want to be aware of what warning signs to look for in a nursing home.

When a nursing home fails to provide the proper care to its residents, it should be held accountable for its negligence. The attorneys from Thomas Law Offices are here to provide legal representation to victims. Contact us to learn more.
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Warnings Signs to Look for in Nursing Homes

Whenever you visit your loved one in their nursing home, evaluate the environment and their wellbeing. If you notice something seems off, make note of it, and bring it up with someone on the staff. The issue should be explained and addressed immediately. If it’s not, you can file a complaint with the state and have the matter investigated.

Abuse in a long-term care facility is intentional. Staff members may use threats, verbal abuse, or physical restraint in an attempt to get residents to comply. Neglect is typically unintentional and happens as a result of understaffing or inadequate training.

While nursing home abuse and neglect can present in numerous ways, common indicators include poor personal hygiene, unsanitary conditions, unexplained physical injuries, toileting issues, bedsores, malnutrition, dehydration, lack of mobility, increased falls, greater confusion, and psychological damage.

What to Do If Your Loved One Has Been Abused

If you confronted the long-term care center about your loved one’s health and nothing’s been done or explained, you can file a report with the state through the Illinois Department of Public Health’s Nursing Home Complaint Hotline.

When you call, you’ll need to be prepared with as much information as possible, including the alleged incident, your loved one’s name, potential abusers, and your information. An investigation will be conducted to determine if there’s validity behind the report.

Depending on the report and what injuries or circumstances are involved, the nursing home could be cited and fined. If the situation is serious or dire, your loved one will be taken to the hospital and you can work on finding them a better-suited care home.

If your loved one needs medical attention, those bills can add up quickly. Transferring to a new facility can be costly, as well. In order to manage the expenses related to the abuse, you’ll want to get in touch with an attorney to find out your loved one’s rights and learn about the benefits of filing a personal injury claim.

Thomas Law Offices: A Law Firm You Can Trust

At Thomas Law Offices, we believe victims of nursing home abuse deserve the best possible chance at recovery. We realize that even thinking about legal action when your loved one has been harmed is challenging. That’s why when you work with a Wheaton nursing home abuse lawyer, they will manage as much of your claim as possible, so you can focus on your family.

While many injury claims settle through negotiations, there’s a chance you won’t be able to receive full and fair compensation that way. If that’s the situation you’re in, we can pursue a lawsuit on your behalf to receive an official verdict from a judge or jury.

The sooner you get in touch with an attorney, the better your chances are of getting what your loved one needs and holding the negligent facility accountable. Contact us today for more information.