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Chicago Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer

No matter how often you drive, it’s likely you share the road with big trucks. While most tractor trailers get to their destination with no problems, there are instances where something goes wrong and an accident occurs. When a large truck collides with a smaller passenger vehicle, the consequences can be deadly. If you’ve been injured or lost someone after a wreck, a Chicago tractor trailer accident lawyer from Thomas Law Offices can help you.

A tractor trailer crash can completely change the course of someone’s life in a matter of seconds. If a negligent truck driver’s actions caused your crash, you deserve the opportunity to hold them accountable and seek the compensation you need to get your life back in order. Filing a tractor trailer accident claim is the best way to do that.

Driving Commercial Vehicles in Urban Areas

When we think about tractor trailers, we most often picture them on highways, traveling from state to state to get to their destination. What happens, however, when the destination is in a congested area like downtown Chicago? It takes a skilled and experienced truck driver to carefully navigate urban areas.

In addition to watching out for vehicles, truck drivers, when they’re in the city, need to be on guard for pedestrians and bicyclists. With the blind spots on their vehicles, this can be a challenge, but failing to see even one person or bike can quickly result in a devastating situation.

When navigating a city like Chicago, truck drivers need to be prepared. This means leaving early enough for a trip to have time to get to the destination without rushing, understanding how to drive in heavy traffic or on narrow roads, and being prepared to keep an eye out for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other vehicles.

Proving Fault Based on Negligence After a Tractor Trailer Crash

Determining liability for a truck accident isn’t always easy. To start, your lawyer will likely focus on what the driver was doing in the moments before impact. If it’s discovered they were texting, fatigued and past their allotted driving hours, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, your attorney will be able to prove they were responsible for your accident.

The legal concept of negligence is based on four factors: duty of care, breach, causation, and damages. In order to receive full and fair compensation, your claim will need to provide evidence that suggests the driver owed you a duty of care, they breached that duty, you were injured, and your injuries have cost you financially.

In some instances, the driver is not the party responsible for the crash. Your lawyer’s investigation will determine if another entity, like the trucking company or truck manufacturer, should be held responsible for your losses.

Valuing Injuries and Losses After a Tractor Trailer Accident

In addition to potentially holding the negligent party accountable for their actions after a tractor trailer wreck, filing a claim also gives you the chance to recover compensation for your losses. With a personal injury claim, compensation is calculated using two categories of damages: economic and noneconomic.

Economic damages are directly calculable. Some of the most common economic damages injury victims look to recover are for medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage. In order to properly value your economic losses, your lawyer will take into consideration hospital and medical bills, conversations with the insurance company regarding the value of your damaged or totaled vehicle, and lost wage statements from your employer.

Noneconomic damages are harder to calculate because they’re based on more subjective losses. Common ones include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of consortium. Determining a value on these losses can be done in a few different ways. One way would be to multiply your economic damages, typically by 1.5 to 5. The multiplier depends on the severity of your injuries and how your life will be impacted from the suffering you’ve experienced and will continue to experience.

When you work with a Chicago attorney from Thomas Law Offices, you won’t have to worry about an insurance company offering you less than you deserve for your accident-related losses. We’ll fight to maximize your compensation and ensure that any settlement offer you receive is fair. In the event that doesn’t happen, we won’t hesitate to help you take your case to court.

Seek Legal Representation From Thomas Law Offices 

If you’ve been involved in a crash in the Chicago area and are now facing the ramification of an incident that was not your fault, a Chicago tractor trailer accident lawyer can help. Truck accident claims can be complex, so it’s important to get started on your claim as soon as possible after an accident.

At Thomas Law Offices, we understand the challenges of trying to recover physically and emotionally from a crash while managing the associated expenses. Our lawyers are dedicated to helping our clients navigate their way through the claims process, so they have the opportunity to focus more on healing and getting their life back in order.

To get started with your claim or to learn more about your legal rights and options, schedule a case evaluation with our law firm today. We’ll evaluate your situation and discuss what your options are. Contact us today to learn more.