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New Lenox Personal Injury Lawyer

Physical and emotional trauma and unexpected financial trouble can completely upend a person’s life. In the event the suffering is related to another party’s negligence, the victim has the right to take legal action. A New Lenox personal injury lawyer from Thomas Law Offices can provide experienced legal support and representation to ensure maximum recovery is achieved.

If you’ve been injured and are looking to recover compensation and hold the negligent party accountable for their actions, you’ll need to have a basic understanding of personal injury law and you’ll need to be backed by a law firm with significant experience handling personal injury claims. If you’re struggling to recover, Thomas Law Offices is here for you.

Personal Injury Law in Illinois

To file a successful claim, it’s important to have a comprehensive understanding of the laws that impact a personal injury claim in Illinois. Some of the most important revolve around comparative fault and the statute of limitations.

Personal injury claims are built on the concept of negligence. To prove negligence, you have to show that you were owed a duty of care, the opposing party breached that duty, you were injured, and you suffered losses as a result. Even if you build a strong claim, there’s a chance the other side will rely on the comparative fault rules. In Illinois, comparative fault exists to sort out damages when more than one party is at fault for an injury. If the opposing side claims you were partially responsible for the accident, your compensation can be reduced by your percentage of fault.

In regard to the statute of limitations, plaintiffs filing a lawsuit in Illinois have two years after the day of the accident to file within the state’s civil court system. In the event the deadline is missed, it’s likely the claim will be dismissed without review if it is filed. It’s important to note, however, that some cases may have an extended statute of limitations timeline depending on the discovery. If, for example, you were injured by a doctor but did not realize it until months after the incident, the statute of limitations would likely start then.

Personal Injury Claims We Handle

There are a number of situations and accidents that may warrant a personal injury claim. So long as you can prove negligence caused your suffering, you may be eligible for compensation. While the types of claims vary widely, the most common ones we see include car accidents, truck accidents, nursing home abuse, and medical malpractice.

In the event you were injured in a different incident, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We have experience dealing with various injury claims. We can evaluate your situation and determine how best to proceed based on your unique circumstances.

Car Accidents

According to the Illinois Crash Facts and Statistics, there were 319,146 crashes involving motor vehicles in Illinois in 2018. While less than one percent of the wrecks accounted for fatalities, over 20% resulted in injury.

Car accidents in Illinois are often related to human error. If a driver fails to focus on the road for even a moment, they could lose control of their vehicle, strike a car near them, or hit a pedestrian or bicyclist. This is especially true in more urban areas where pedestrians, motor vehicles, and other modes of transportation interact closely with each other.

If you’ve been injured in a wreck, a New Lenox car accident lawyer can help you determine why your crash happened and what you’ve lost as a result.

Truck Accidents

Trucking companies and truck drivers deliver goods and services all around the country on a daily basis. Because of that, a lot of tractor-trailers are on the road at any given time. When a vehicle as large as a semi strikes another vehicle, those involved are likely to sustain serious injuries like head trauma, spinal cord damage, burns, and more.

While crashes involving tractor-trailers only accounted for 3.8% of all motor vehicle crashes in Illinois in 2018, they accounted for more than 11% of fatal crashes. Fatal crashes usually happen at high speeds and in inclement weather.

If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, determining liability can be a challenge. That’s why it’s important to work with a New Lenox truck accident lawyer. We’ll be able to determine who caused your collision—whether it was the trucker, trucking company, or truck manufacturer.

Nursing Home Abuse

According to The Official U.S. Government Site for Medicare, there are 65 nursing homes within 25 miles of New Lenox. Of those facilities, more than a quarter have received a much below average overall quality rating. The overall rating takes into consideration health inspections, staffing, and quality measures.

Of the poorly rated facilities, four have been cited for abuse of residents. Abuse of nursing home residents can be physical, emotional, sexual, or financial. As a result, physical injuries and emotional trauma can develop and significantly affect a person’s quality of life.

Proving nursing home abuse isn’t always easy—especially if your loved one isn’t willing or isn’t able to discuss what they’ve been through. Fortunately, a New Lenox nursing home abuse lawyer can take on your case and ensure your loved one receives the compensation they need to recover as fully as possible.

Medical Malpractice

When you enter a hospital or other medical facility, you expect to receive the care you need to return home in a healthier state. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. When negligence contributes to additional injuries or preventable medical conditions, a New Lenox medical malpractice lawyer can help.

It’s no secret that doctors, nurses, and other medical staff are overworked. That, however, is never an excuse for negligence. If a medical professional fails to take care of themselves and works on patients while fatigued or they choose to handle their stress by abusing substances, patients are at risk of injury.

Some of the most common medical malpractice cases are based on surgical errors, medication mistakes, failed or missed diagnoses, and preventable problems with anesthesia. If you’re dealing with a medical error and are trying to manage the consequences on your own, know that you do not have to. Filing a claim against the negligent party can put you on the path to receiving the compensation you need to heal and get your life back in order.

The Village of New Lenox

Less than an hour outside of Chicago, the village of New Lenox is home to around 25,000 people. Located in Will County, Illinois, the area is known for being one of the safest communities in the United States. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean it is impervious to accidents. Just like anywhere else, New Lenox has had its share of car accidents, truck crashes, and other instances that warrant a personal injury claim for the victim.

If you reside in New Lenox and have sustained injuries because of someone else’s negligence, a Thomas Law Offices attorney can explain your rights to you and guide you through the legal process. With our office just a short drive away in Chicago, we’re ready to take on your claim and help you recover as fully as possible.

The Importance of Working With an Injury Attorney

While you have the legal right to manage a personal injury claim on your own, we advise against doing so. If you’re dealing with insurance company adjusters and negotiations, you may not be aware of the tactics they use to reduce your compensation. Additionally, if you need to take your case to trial, you’ll want to have the same lawyer with you from the beginning because they’ll have a comprehensive understanding of your case.

If you’ve never been involved in an accident before, it’s likely you will be unfamiliar with the legal procedures involved with settling your claim. Your attorney will explain the process to you and ensure all the proper evidence is collected and necessary paperwork is submitted on time. They’ll also handle negotiations for you, so your compensation won’t be unfairly reduced.

Contact Thomas Law Offices

When you work with a New Lenox personal injury lawyer from Thomas Law Offices, you’ll be on the path to receiving the compensation you need to move past your accident and focus on healing. Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for compensation that covers your medical expenses, lost wages, the future cost of care, future lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. No matter what, we’ll fight to ensure you receive full and fair compensation.

While most personal injury claims settle outside of the courtroom through negotiations, we won’t hesitate to take your case to trial to seek an official verdict from a judge or jury. Filing a lawsuit takes time, but it could be the only way for you to get justice.

Because filing a claim is a time-consuming and complex process, it’s best to get in touch with our attorneys as soon as possible after you’ve been injured. To learn more about filing or to get started with your claim, contact us today.