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Evanston Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Healthcare professionals, like doctors and nurses, are supposed to provide patients with the best care possible. In fact, there is a legal obligation to provide a certain standard of care. This means that any given doctor is supposed to practice medicine in the same way someone else in their same field would. When this doesn’t happen and a patient is injured, it’s possible negligence played a role.

If you think you’ve been harmed by a physician, an Evanston medical malpractice lawyer from Thomas Law Offices can help. While medical negligence claims are complex, we have extensive experience representing injury victims and are prepared to take your case on next.

Hospitals in Evanston, Illinois

If you live in or around Evanston, it’s likely you will need to go to the local hospital at some point—even if it’s just for a checkup. Whether you’re debating where to go or are just looking for more information on the medical facilities in the area, Medicare provides a list of local facilities.

Hospitals are graded on a number of factors, including mortality, safety of care, readmission, patient experience, effectiveness of care, timeliness of care, and efficient use of medical imaging. With those in mind, a facility will receive a rating with a five-start system, going from much below average to much above average.

In Evanston, there are two acute care hospitals: Presence Saint Francis Hospital and Northshore University Healthsystem – Evanston Hospital. Presence Saint Francis Hospital has an overall rating of average, and Northshore University Healthsystem – Evanston Hospital has an overall rating of above average.

Recognizing the Signs of Medical Malpractice

If you or a loved one suspect you’ve suffered from medical malpractice, you can work toward confirming your suspicions by knowing the most common signs of hospital negligence, which include the following:

  • You received an inaccurate diagnosis. One of the most common occurrences of medical malpractice is when a disease goes undiagnosed. Whether your primary care physician misses early signs of an illness or an emergency room doctor dismisses your symptoms, you can experience complications. There’s also the chance you could receive a diagnosis, but it could be wrong. This is referred to as a misdiagnosis.
  • You were given the wrong medication. Receiving the wrong medication can have a number of consequences. If, for example, you’re given a medicine you are allergic to, you could have a severe reaction. There’s also the chance you could receive medication for a different condition, and your illness could go untreated and worsen.
  • There was a lack of informed consent. Medical procedures come with risks. Prior to any treatment, doctors are supposed to explain the risks and benefits to patients to ensure they understand what could happen and consent to undergo the procedure. If there was a lack of informed consent, negligence could be proven.
  • Your doctor admitted to making a mistake. While it’s unlikely to happen, your doctor could admit fault. If they admit to making a mistake that caused you harm, you can seek compensation for your losses.
  • A family member died during or after a medical procedure. Many surgeries and procedures come with the risk of death, but if a loved one died during a routine procedure or they were in stable condition before being moved to a different facility, they may have been a victim of mistreatment.

If you do not recognize one of the situations above as what happened to you, it does not mean you do not have a med mal claim. Our attorneys can evaluate your situation and help you determine how best to proceed.

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Filing a Medical Malpractice Claim in Evanston

Under Illinois law, you have to file a medical malpractice claim within two years from the date of the injury or the date when you should have reasonably discovered the injury. No claim can be filed more than four years after the act that caused the injuries, except in the event a minor or person with disabilities was injured. In addition to that, the statute of limitations will not start to run if there was fraudulent concealment of the misconduct by the doctor.

There is a lot of work that has to be done before a case can be filed, which is why it’s essential to get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible. In addition to the standard personal injury paperwork, your lawyer will also need to file a Certificate of Merit with the lawsuit. This is a sworn statement by your attorney, basically stating that your attorney believes you have a valid claim based on a medical professional’s review of your case.

Malpractice claims often go one of two ways. You could receive full and fair compensation after negotiations with the at-fault doctor or hospital. If that’s not an option, you can pursue the claim in court and receive an official verdict from a judge or jury.

Thomas Law Offices Can Help

At Thomas Law Offices, we believe victims of negligence and malpractice deserve the best chance at recovery. When you hire an Evanston medical malpractice lawyer, you’ll be on the fastest path to getting your life back in order.

When you work with our attorneys, you won’t have to worry about the stress of your lawsuit, as we’ll handle as much of it as we can for you. While we keep you up to date on all litigious matters, you can focus on healing. Contact us today for more information.