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Chicago Electric Scooter Accident Lawyer

Electric scooters are a new form of transportation that are helping people find solutions to common traffic problems. Many people in Chicago don’t want to depend on a car as their main way to get around the city. Owning a car and paying for maintenance, insurance, and parking is expensive. For some, a way to get around this is using rideshare car services, but those can be expensive and you’re still waiting in the city traffic. Electric scooters offer a new route. Simply order a bicycle on the rideshare app, take it to your destination, park, and you’re done. However, Chicago is experiencing a number of problems with these devices and they often lead to injuries. Thomas Law Offices has skilled Chicago electric scooter accident lawyers who can represent you.

We understand how an injury can put your life on hold. While you’re worrying about your recovery and when you’ll be able to get back to work, the last item you want to worry about is a legal matter. That’s where we step in. Thomas Law Offices is here to make sure that you get fair compensation for what you’ve been through and won’t allow the insurance company to give you less than you deserve.

Current Chicago Scooter Issues

Chicago gaining e-scooters for citizens to use sounds like a perfect plan on paper. However, there are several factors that make scooters an ongoing problem for everyone.

The devices are dockless, meaning they do not have a set place for storage after a person is done riding it. While the individual is supposed to park the scooter upright and safely out of the way, this doesn’t always happen. Already, people in Chicago are seeing the effects of this. E-scooters have been found tipped over and piled haphazardly on sidewalks, which are more than a nuisance—they’re obstructing foot traffic.

There have been some photos of e-scooters found in dumpsters. Others show the vehicles have been found up in trees. While someone may have thought this would make an entertaining post for social media, this is now posing a significant threat. What if someone was underneath a tree and a scooter fell on top of them? They could suffer from major injuries.

There are also issues with scooters ending up where they aren’t supposed to be. Chicago has a few set areas for the electric scooters to operate. When they start leaving the area where the scooters are meant to be in, they start to slow down and will eventually stop. However, some scooters have been found beyond the limits.

Those using the scooters are supposed to ride in the bike lanes. But there have been complaints of people riding scooters on sidewalks. Congestion is a concern and when people are maneuvering these vehicles, there isn’t a guarantee that they’ll be good at riding them. Someone sharing the bike lane may not know what to do when they’re approaching a cyclist or another person riding a scooter. Some may feel intimidated when a car passes them. The person could lose control and cause an accident.

Our Chicago attorneys are well aware of these issues and how they create problems that can hurt innocent people. Even if you think your situation may be too unique, you should still get in touch with our law office if you’ve been harmed.

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How Can E-Scooters Cause Serious Injuries?

When you’ve been involved in an e-scooter crash, you may have sustained injuries. Our lawyers will look into what caused your accident and how it affected you. Electric scooters can cause injuries when the people riding them are negligent or careless.

In a study looking at the injuries connected with electric scooter use, people have sustained contusions, sprains, lacerations, and head injuries.

You may be wondering how serious injuries can result from a scooter accident. Let’s look into a few scenarios that will probably be common for people in the city.

If a person on a scooter is in a hurry to get to their destination, then safety is not going to be their priority. They’re going to get on the scooter and focus on going as quickly as possible. They may try to beat traffic in some circumstances, which could mean riding through a crosswalk when traffic signs indicate it’s not safe to cross or trying to make a yellow light. Collisions with pedestrians or other motor vehicles could result.

The electric scooters can reach a high speed considering the type of device. They can get up to 15 mph. This may be fine if the rider is in the bike lane and paying attention to traffic. However, if someone is going this fast on the sidewalk, they could easily collide with a pedestrian who has nothing to protect them from the scooter.

Those on scooters may also find issues when the bike lane isn’t safe. Riders need to be alert at all times so they can safely avoid these obstacles. If they aren’t paying attention, they may run over a pothole or other road debris that could knock them off balance and they may fall into oncoming traffic.

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When you’ve been severely injured in an e-scooter collision, you may have to go to the hospital for your injuries. Recovery is a time-consuming process in which you may need to take off time from work. During this time, you deserve to have peace of mind that you’ll be able to afford your care and still keep up with your other expenses. You shouldn’t have to choose between treatment and putting food on the table.

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