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Ask a Personal Injury Attorney: Aren’t Lawyers Expensive?

Published on Jul 19, 2016 at 3:35 pm in Uncategorized.

Hiring an attorney can be a daunting task. How do you choose one? How do you know what type of lawyer to hire? What’s it like to work with an attorney and how do you know what’s expected of you? These are all questions you’re likely to have while browsing the website of an attorney, but don’t worry—we’re here to help.

Every firm’s site is filled with the same, boastful claims and pages and pages of legal speak that aren’t immediately useful. What’s useful? Answers. Real answers. Every two weeks roughly, we’ll be posting a common question a client new to the legal world might have, and we’ll provide real, honest answers to that question.  

Aren’t lawyers expensive?

If you’re in a serious car accident, for example, and find yourself being hounded by the other driver’s insurance company, your first instinct might be to hire to lawyer. This is a great first instinct. You have every right to seek legal aid. The very next thought to go through your mind might be “I can’t afford that”. This isn’t so great—and it’s actually untrue. All Americans can start the process of filing a personal injury/auto accident case without having to worry about affordability.

How is that possible, though?

Lawyer fees, when you examine them by themselves, can seem rather steep. This is largely due to the fact that navigating a legal case can be quite challenging—and time consuming. A good attorney has to know the case inside and out and be prepared for whatever hurdles they may run into throughout the course of a trial. However, most personal injury cases don’t ask the client to pay any fees upfront.

In these types of cases, contingency fees are usually decided upon at the start of the case. These are fees which are taken out of the total settlement amount that is awarded at the end of a successful case.

Contingency fees are great for two reasons:

  • They let you hire an attorney when you really need one, not just when you can afford to pay for one
  • They help encourage lawyers to do everything they can to win their cases

A personal injury lawyer may not receive any compensation when working for contingency fees if they happen to lose a case. Contingency fees help ensure Americans have access to the legal system when they need it most while ensuring that all parties bring their “A” game to the courtroom.

Along with personal injury lawsuits, car accident lawsuits and medical malpractice lawsuits are also usually set up with contingency fees in place. These three types of cases tend to be the riskiest to take on in litigation due to the fact that large corporations are often the defendant (drug manufacturers, defective device manufacturers, trucking companies, etc.), but as such, they also offer the most payout.

They’re also, consequently, often the most devastating. Thousands of Americans suffer from injuries caused by major corporation and doctor/medical staff negligence every year. Car accidents and truck accidents cause horrendous injuries. Lives are lost every day. Oftentimes, after a truly horrific accident or incident occurs, taking legal action is the only way to get a point across and force a guilty party to rethink their actions or force a corporation to take a dangerous product off the market.

Legal action enables us to speak when we might otherwise be silenced. This is why personal injury lawsuits, auto accident lawsuits, and medical malpractice lawsuits are so vital. Personal injury lawyers like Tad Thomas of Thomas Law Offices understand the importance of speaking up for their clients—no matter how much income the client brings in or has saved up—and doing whatever they can to right wrongs and fight against those who would do us harm.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Thomas Law Offices. Louisville personal injury lawyer Tad Thomas and his associates can answer whatever questions you may have and even set up a free consultation to look over your potential case and specific situation.