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Attorney Tad Thomas Represents State of Kentucky in Case Involving Reference to God

Published on Mar 17, 2011 at 6:30 pm in Recent Cases.

Kentucky attorney Tad Thomas represented the state of Kentucky before a three judge panel charged with ruling whether a reference to God violated both the U.S. and Kentucky constitutions.

The case originated from a law that requires the director of the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security to post a plaque that makes a reference to “Almighty God” in the department’s headquarters. In 2009, a circuit judge ruled that the insertion of the phrase violates the U.S. constitution as well as the Kentucky constitution. Those constitutions prohibit the government’s establishment of religion.

Tad Thomas argued that a reference to God does not necessarily make the plaque a religious document. He noted that courts have consistently upheld that some references to God by government entities are allowable by law. He also pointed out that every president has referenced a deity to help and protect the country is their inaugural address. He argued that the founding fathers didn’t want to prohibit all references to God, but instead were fearful of the creation of one large state-sponsored church. Lawyers for American Atheists Inc. said the language was improper since it clearly calls for a reliance on God.

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