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Tad Thomas Announces Candidacy for AAJ Parliamentarian

Published on Aug 30, 2016 at 9:00 am in Public Appearances.

Our very own Tad Thomas announced yesterday that he will be running for the American Association for Justice (AAJ) Parliamentarian position during Boston’s convention this coming year. Mr. Thomas has been an outstanding member and leader among his AAJ peers since 2005, when he made his first appearance at the Toronto convention. Since then, he has strived to lead by example, share his insight with other legal professionals, and help educate the industry about the benefits of technology.

In recent years, Tad has served on the AAJ’s Board of Governors, the Executive Committee, and the Budget Committee. He’s participated in numerous fundraising efforts and public service projects. He’s spent the last few years teaching CLE courses to both state and local trial lawyer associations. Now, he feels it’s time to take his contributions one step further and help make a difference however he can.

The Parliamentarian position is one of the six prestigious national officer positions that make up AAJ’s leadership core. The other positions include President, President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. AAJ’s officer core works together to direct and improve the organization and its offerings, giving attorneys and other legal professionals more ways to educate themselves, improve their practices, and fight for justice on behalf of their clients.

As Parliamentarian, Tad Thomas’ goals and priorities would be to ensure AAJ holds true to its roots while continually improving and advancing towards the future. He plans on encouraging a renewed effort to coordinate with AAJ’s affiliated state organizations as well as continuing to improve the organization’s online accessibility and communication capabilities.

By increasing AAJ’s online capabilities and technology-based offerings, legal professionals will learn how to better utilize technology every day in their practices and better embrace aspects of digital marketing. Regarding this point, Mr. Thomas has this to say: “We can work to improve our communications online and in other forms of digital marketing. Improving in this area will benefit AAJ by growing membership, adding to our advocacy and fundraising efforts, increasing education program attendance, and much more.”

At the time of the announcement, Mr. Thomas had already gained support from over 100 attorneys nationwide, from big firms and small firms, big cities and small towns and many different areas of practice. While endorsing Mr. Thomas in their individual capacities, and not on behalf of any group, these attorneys are fellow AAJ section and litigation group leaders, former AAJ Presidents and leaders from diverse groups such as the Minority Caucus, Women’s Caucus, LGBT Caucus, and the New Lawyers Division.

Regarding his diverse group of supporters, Tad has this to say: “It is this sort of diversity that is celebrated in our organization, and represents the kind of leader I aspire to be – one who brings together lawyers from all walks of life, from all practice areas, and from all sizes of firms for the good of our organization and the benefit of our clients.”

And with that, it’s apparent that Mr. Thomas will be the type of leader the AAJ needs among its national officer ranks. We look forward to showing Tad our support as the time draws near to the 2017 AAJ officer elections and hope everyone we know will do the same.