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What Are Your Legal Options If You’re Injured on Vacation?

Published on Jun 18, 2020 at 6:38 pm in Personal Injury.

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Sometimes it’s nice to go away to another destination with your family or friends in an attempt to relax and recharge. Whether you prefer a peaceful trip or one jam-packed with activities, there’s always the possibility that an accident could happen unexpectedly and change the course of your trip.

When this happens, you might be unsure of what to do because you’re in a new place and didn’t expect things to go wrong. That’s where we come in. At Thomas Law Offices, our experienced personal injury lawyers can guide you through the steps you need to take after your injury to ensure that you can fully explore your legal options.

Since you’re most likely out of state, the difficult part about your claim will be deciding where to file your claim as well as who to file against. Depending on your situation, a car driver, commercial truck driver, hotel, rental company, travel agency, security force, or many other different people or companies could be responsible for your injuries. Hiring a lawyer keeps your from suing the wrong entities, and helps you figure out what case to file according to your situation.

Your Legal Steps After Suffering an Injury While on Vacation

You’ll want to be as meticulous as possible in your injury case from vacation because there are so many possible complications that can happen. Here are some steps you can take directly after an accident that caused your injury so that you can start building your case:

  • Report it. No matter what kind of accident you were in, like a car accident or an electric scooter accident, or where you are, you need to report the incident as soon as it happens so that you have a record of it. If you are in a hotel or another place where a company is in charge of the premises, you should alert the management immediately. After that, or if you’re not on a premises, you should call the police so that you can make an official report of the accident and have an officer come evaluate the scene.
  • Take pictures. You’ll want as many pictures of the scene as possible so that you can back up your claim later with proof of what caused the accident and any injuries you got from it. If you have any bruises or scratches, you should take pictures of those as well so they can correlate to your medical reports.
  • Talk to witnesses. If there are other people who witnessed your accident, ask them for their contact information and if they would be willing to tell police and others what they saw. In this step, it’s important that you remain unbiased and urge any witness to tell the truth.
  • Go to a doctor. No matter how minor your injuries might be, you need to be evaluated by a doctor so that you have documentation of your injuries, and that way they can be directly connected to the accident. Also if your pain gets worse over time, you have a point of reference for when the pain started and how it has escalated. These medical reports will help you in your case, and you’ll want to keep any bill you receive so you know how much you deserve in compensation.
  • Reach out to your insurance. Since you’re on vacation, you’re most likely out of state, or maybe even out of country, so you’ll need to contact your insurance company as soon as possible to tell them about the accident. Depending on where you traveled to and who with, you might have gotten travelers’ insurance, so you’ll want to reach out to them as well.
  • Reach out to us. Having a personal injury lawyer on your side through this process will help you properly explore your legal options, and we will know how to defend your rights.

It can be difficult to navigate a legal claim in a new place, so Thomas Law Offices is prepared to represent you against a negligent entity that caused you harm while on vacation. We know how confusing this time is for you since you were expecting a fun getaway and instead were injured, so we will work diligently to ensure we provide you with the legal support you need. If you think you have an injury claim, reach out to us today so we can discuss your potential legal options.