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Prom Night Safety Tips for Parents

Published on Apr 19, 2013 at 8:00 am in Personal Injury.

Experienced Kentucky injury attorneys know that parents worry about their kids, especially during events like prom night – when teens want to be off having fun with their friends, not being supervised by concerned adults.  How do you strike the balance between giving your teens the independence they crave on prom night and the safety they need to have a truly fun time?  Consider the following tips:

Before Prom

  • Set the “ground rules.”  These should include looking over the school’s prom rules with your teen, stressing that your teen is not to drink alcohol, and setting a curfew.
  • Know the plan.  Talk with your teen about where he or she plans to go, who he or she will be with, and how he or she plans to get around – both during prom itself and during any pre- or post-prom parties. If other parents are hosting parties, talk to them as well.
  • Ensure your teen knows that you’re available to pick them up if they feel unsafe or get into a sticky situation – no questions asked.
  • Make sure your teen’s cell phone is charged and that he or she has contact information for another trusted adult as a “backup.”

During Prom

  • Stay by the phone.  Avoid drinking or other activities that may interfere with your ability to drive to pick up your teen if he or she needs your help.
  • Check in with parents or chaperones as needed to ensure your teen is where he or she says they’ll be.
  • Postpone judgment.  If your teen gets in a jam and needs your help, simply offer it.  Wait to lecture, discuss, or punish bad behavior until after you and your teen are safely home.