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Grenade Explosion in Lynch Home Injures 11

Published on Aug 3, 2011 at 12:06 pm in Personal Injury.

Kentucky.com reports a grenade explosion in Lynch in Harlan County sent 11 people, including nine children, to the hospital. The children were reported to have been playing with the Vietnam-era tear gas grenade while an adult was present in the home when it detonated. The injured victims reportedly suffered cuts, chemical irritation to the skin, and burning eyes.

The majority of the injured people were taken to a nearby hospital. One child, reported to be one-years-old, was taken via helicopter to the hospital, and is reported to be in stable condition. Most of those injured in the explosion have been released from the hospital. Authorities have said the children were very fortunate since the grenade had fragmented. Had it not, their injuries could have been much worse or even fatal.

According to the article, the owner of the grenade believed it was a toy. He had found the device while cleaning the home of a deceased friend who had said he could keep anything that he wished. Police are still working to determine whether anyone will be charged for the grenade explosion, as well as whether it is legal to possess this type of grenade. Police have stated that once they conclude how powerful the grenade was, they will decide whether any charges should be filed.

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