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Study Finds that Hospitals Fail to Perform All Required Tests

Published on Aug 20, 2012 at 7:33 am in Medical Malpractice.

Louisville Hospital Malpractice InjuryA new study, published in an Australian Medical Journal, has found that more than one-third of all hospital patients are discharged before tests that have been ordered by physicians have been performed. In many other cases, the results of tests that had been performed were never read by physicians. Sadly, in one of seven of those instances, the tests that were ordered and not performed may have revealed abnormalities.

Physicians note that patients should be aware of what tests have been ordered so that they can discuss them with their care providers prior to being discharged. The Australian study reviewed the medical records of 6,700 patients. Some of the tests missed were routine and were not seen as pressing. In other cases, the ordered test had been performed, but the results had not been reviewed. Of these cases, the results still had not been reviewed more than two months later, this according to an article in the archives of Internal Medicine.

The hospitals may be found liable in a court of law for hospital malpractice injuries that occur as a result of staff failing to carry out a doctor’s orders, both with respect to tests that are not performed as well as other orders, such as those that pertain to safety of the patient. Hospitals are liable for the actions of the employees, including nurses, physicians, and technicians. Their negligence may result in injuries, time off work, increased medical costs and other items that cause financial strain on families.

With the help of an experienced Kentucky delayed diagnosis attorney, victims of hospital negligence can prove the role of hospital staff in their injuries or illnesses. By finding fair compensation for your losses, victims can have the chance to heal to the best of their abilities without unfair financial losses.