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The Issue of Privacy in Civil Cases and Why It Matters

Published on May 24, 2017 at 1:46 pm in Law and Information.

The Issue of Privacy in Civil Cases and Why It Matters

During personal injury cases and other civil matters, the issue of privacy plays an integral role. When a claim is filed, depending on the nature of the case, it may be subject to media attention and garner coverage from local news channels and newspapers. This can cause the plaintiff and their loved ones to receive potentially unwanted attention from strangers. Whether that attention is perceived as good or bad depends on a few factors.

In some cases, media attention can help a grieving or suffering family find solace for circumstances that were not their fault. In other cases, media attention can help drive attention towards a law or policy that needs to be changed or a company or corporation that may potentially harm other victims if action is not taken. During claims like these, it can be beneficial for media to share the details of a lawsuit as well as the victim’s or plaintiff’s identity.

In other civil matters, it’s only natural that a plaintiff may wish to protect their identity. In situations where revealing a victim’s identity may compromise other potential victims or place family members, friends, or co-workers at risk, privacy is vital to protect anyone who may be involved. In circumstances where revealing a victim’s identity may deter other potential victims from coming forth, privacy may also be the best course of action.

At Thomas Law Offices, we believe that privacy is vital during examples like the above. When our personal injury lawyers take on a new case, they hold the privacy requirements of our clients to the highest regard and will not hesitate to fight for those requirements in court if necessary. Our clients always come first. There is never an exception.

A current case that Tad Thomas is representing a Louisville client for is a perfect example of this philosophy in action. Tad Thomas is currently representing a man going by the initials “N.C.” who was sexually abused by officers during a police youth program in Kentucky and is fighting to protect his client’s full name throughout the case. He and his client feel that by protecting the plaintiff’s full name, more victims may come forward, allowing the case to become fully settled.

Privacy and identity can be delicate issues in Kentucky courtrooms, but there are times when the current standards regarding privacy and identify simply do not match the circumstances of a given case. One-size-fits-all solutions are not practical for all cases—not when it comes to protecting individual clients with individual needs.