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Runner-Up Essay from Thomas Law Office’s Spring 2017 Scholarship

Published on Mar 8, 2017 at 1:07 pm in Distracted Driving Accident.

Learning to drive is something everyone looks forward to doing. I vividly remember the joy and excitement I felt after passing my driver’s test. Driving safely is a task that requires a great deal of an individual’s attention. Many drivers do not apply the same precautions in their daily driving habits as they did on their driving test day.

Traffic laws should be emphasized for those that are distracted by technology while driving. Technology’s rapid growth is a significant reason for deviations in driving. Regardless of the driver’s race, age, or gender, operating the newest gadget can be tempting especially during a long commute; therefore the public must be educated on safety precautions. Distracted driving is a dangerous epidemic on America’s roadways.

Lowering the risks of texting and driving is important. Laws must be put into action to end the epidemic. One way we can all do our part to end texting and driving is to tell ourselves the motto “Do as I say and do as I do”. Parents need to be mindful that children are watching their actions. It starts with parents refraining from texting and driving as well as using hands-free devices to talk on their cell phones. When teenagers witness their parents practicing safe driving habits, they’ll model those same behaviors. Parents are the number one influencers of what kind of drivers their teens will become.

Spreading the word would be another way to educate the public to end texting and driving. Discussions about texting and driving should not be a secret that no one wants to tell. As a matter of fact, behaviors to end texting and driving should be overt messages that everyone can’t help but pay attention to. Teens are great at using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to spread the word about the latest gossip or the newest couple photos, so why not use social media sources to spread the word about ending texting and driving? This is a portion to the solution.

Unfortunately the problem is much bigger than this. Texting and driving is a problem within all age ranges. All media sources– including social media, news media, television, radio, online media, and more– need to be used to reach out to individuals and spread the word. Making adults and teens comfortable in spreading the word is the key to ending this epidemic before it annihilates my generation and those to come.

Currently, pledging is a behavior that has been promoted for safe driving and for ending texting and driving. My mother’s insurance company mailed a letter to everyone who has a policy to take the GEICO ‘Take a Stand against Distracted Driving’ pledge. The pledge is aimed to increase the awareness of driver safety.

Many organizations are pledging for safer driving and to stop activities that will distract drivers. As individual members of society, we must take action and make our voices heard because every day hundreds of people are injured due to this problem. This means that hundreds of parents, children, nieces, and nephews are injured. We should take the stand now or it could very well become our own relatives who could become part of the statistics by being injured or killed because of distracted driving.

Today we are faced with the task of reducing the number of texting and driving incidents. Drivers should use caution and give their full attention to the road. Many people do not realize what or who is at risk when they allow themselves to become distracted while driving. It is very important that individuals behind the steering wheel of a vehicle give their undivided attention to the task of driving. Being attentive will prevent thousands of lives from being cut short.

The above essay is one of the runner-up essays from Thomas Law Office’s Spring 2017 scholarship. It was written by Jeremiah Taylor of Louisiana Tech University who’s pursuing his degree in chemistry. Jeremiah presented us with some fantastic ideas that we should all keep in mind to put a stop to the dangers of distracted driving.

You can read the winning essay here.

We’re currently accepting entries for our Fall 2017 scholarship. For more information, please see our law firm’s scholarship page. Thank you for your entry, Jeremiah! May all your dreams come true.