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What if I Don’t Have Health Insurance and I’m in a Car Accident?

Published on Sep 20, 2018 at 2:03 pm in Car Accidents.
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One of the major issues our clients have when they are involved in a car accident is that they have received medical treatment and bills are piling up, or they need additional medical treatment and cannot afford it on their own.  There are a few options that people have when they find themselves in this situation.  Please note that every situation is unique, so there is not a “one size fits all” approach. 

Many people believe that the other side’s insurance company will pay their medical bills as they receive treatment.  Unfortunately, that is typically not the case.  For more information about why insurers typically won’t pay your medical bills as you treat, please see our blog where we discuss this issue at length.  As a result of not having health insurance or having some insurance company pay your bills, you are left in a terrible financial decision while you’re trying to get better.

In these situations, though, our firm gets hard to work looking at a few things.  First, we see if you have any medical payments (medpay) coverage available under your own automobile insurance that may cover past or future medical bills.  If you have medpay coverage available, then we work with your insurance company to make sure that you get all of the insurance proceeds you are entitled to and have paid a premium for.

Another option, even if you have medpay, is to see if the providers you have seen or need to see are willing to place a healthcare provider lien on your case.  Our firm has had success in either requesting providers place a lien on your case, or agree to treat you on a lien basis. 

By working with healthcare providers and asking them to treat you medically on a lien basis, this ensures that you receive no bills while you are getting better.  For example, nearly all car accident victims in Columbia, MO, that require treatment at the University of Missouri will have medical treatment on a lien basis through Continuum — a lien collector working on behalf of the University of Missouri Healthcare System.

The last option is to work with creditors seeking payment for your medical bills.  Under this option, our firm steps in and demands that the creditors contact our firm directly instead of harassing you while you recover from your injuries.  When we resolve your case we negotiate with the creditors directly and demand they reduce your bills to something more affordable.  Although we cannot guarantee that creditors will reduce your bills, we have had some success in negotiating liens and bills to make sure that you recover as much as possible from your car accident case.

People who injured in car accident cases don’t ask to get hurt and don’t ask to have extensive medical bills.  Unfortunately, though, injuries happen and sometimes there is no health insurance available to cover your injuries.  You should focus on getting better, and you should have someone focus on working through all of the options available to you to cover your medical bills while your recover. 

At the Law Office of Mike Campbell, we will gladly review any and all options available to you and do everything in our power to resolve your medical bills while you focus on treating and recovering from your injuries.