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Motorists Face Increased Risk of Drunk Driving Accidents during Christmas, New Year’s

Published on Dec 20, 2012 at 5:18 pm in Auto Accident.

Holiday DUI Accident PreventionCar accidents over Christmas and New Year’s often increase in Kentucky and other states, especially when those who have been celebrating with an alcoholic drink or two make the dangerous choice to get behind the wheel. You can help prevent a car accident this holiday season with these tips:

  • Plan ahead. Before you head out to enjoy a New Year’s or other holiday party, decide how you’re going to get home. Taxi service, public transportation, or a designated driver can all help you get home safely and in comfort if you decide to drink – and if you decide not to drink, you’ll still have a safe way to travel if you’re “all partied out.”
  • Offer other options. If you’re throwing a party or hosting one, offer plenty of non-alcoholic drink options, and make it clear that no one is required to drink in order to join the fun. An hour before the party is scheduled to end, stop serving alcohol and offer dessert or other foods to guests along with the non-alcoholic beverages of their choice.
  • Help your guests. If you’re hosting a New Year’s party, you can help your guests avoid a serious accident as well. If any guests seem unable to drive safely, call a cab for them or find a sober friend or relative to help them get home. You might also decide to allow some guests to “crash” instead of risking a drunk driving accident.

If you’re injured in a car accident this holiday season, skilled auto accident lawyer Tad Thomas can help.