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Kentucky State Highway Department Begins Campaign to Promote Driving Safety in Work Zones

Published on Apr 7, 2011 at 5:43 pm in Auto Accident.

The Kentucky State Highway Department is beginning a public safety campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of driving through work zones, according to Fox 41 News.

The campaign aims to prevent some of the thousands of injuries and deaths that occur in the United States each year in highway construction zones. Last year in Kentucky, one person was killed in a work zone while 116 were injured. Across the nation, a person is killed in a construction work zone every 13 hours and someone is injured every 13 minutes.

According to Kentucky officials, the best thing a motorist can do while driving through work zones is to pay close attention to the road and traffic and less attention to what the construction workers are doing. Driver inattention is one of the biggest causes of work zone accidents. Paying attention to speed is also important while driving through work zones. Construction workers are usually separated from traffic by only three and a half foot long orange construction barrels. Those barrels do not provide ample protection when motorists are speeding through a work zone or fail to pay enough attention to the road.

A Kentucky car accident attorney would inform individuals who are injured in work zones that they have rights against a negligent driver who caused the accident.