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Can a Tostitos Chip Bag Help Stop Drunk Driving?

Published on Feb 15, 2017 at 12:00 pm in Auto Accident.

Partnered with Uber and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), Tostitos brand has made a limited edition “Party Safe” bag that can tell if someone has been drinking and will help them get home safely on Super Bowl Sunday.  The special bag comes equipped with a sensor that can detect small traces of alcohol on a person’s breath.  If any alcohol is detected, the sensor turns red in the shape of a steering wheel and displays a “Don’t Drink and Drive” message and a code for $10 off an Uber ride during or after the game.

The bag uses near-field communication technology which allows fans to tap their phone on the bag to call their Uber ride.  This innovative idea should encourage people to think twice before driving drunk on Super Bowl Sunday.  Jennifer Saenz, Frito-Lay’s chief marketing officer, said, “Our goal is to remove 25,000 cars from the roads that Sunday evening.”

Roger Baran, a creative director for Goodby Silverstein & Partners who developed the bag said, “We’re proud to introduce to the world the first bag of chips that gets you home safe.  For a football fan, there is a lot of emotion involved with a game.  It’s easy to drink more than you planned.  And a lot of times all you need to stop short of driving and drinking is a friend who calls you off.  On Sunday of the big game, we want Tostitos to be that friend.”

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 45 people were killed in drunk driving crashes on Super Bowl Sunday in 2015.  Delanie Walker, tight end for the Tennessee Titans and a MADD volunteer, whose aunt and uncle were killed by a drunk driver following the 2013 Super Bowl in which Walker played said, “Drunk driving is 100% preventable.  Thanks to Tostitos and Uber, it’s easier than ever to make a safe choice if your plans include alcohol.”

Tad Thomas, Louisville, KY drunk driving accident lawyer, is committed to keeping Kentucky’s roads safe.  This New Year’s Eve, Thomas Law Offices helped almost 100 residents get home safe with rides from Uber.  Sometimes the smallest reminder is all someone needs to act safely and choose not to drive drunk.  Thanks to efforts like the Tostitos Party Safe Bag and the Thomas Law Offices New Years Eve Campaign, Louisville is moving closer to the goal of zero drunk driving crashes and fatalities.

If you would like to obtain more information about drunk driving accidents in Kentucky or have been involved in a crash involving a drunk driver, contact Thomas Law Offices today.  Our caring and experienced team of personal injury attorneys is eager to provide you with a free zero-obligation evaluation of your claim.  Together we can help make Kentucky roads safe.