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Attorney Referrals In Louisville, KY

Many times, clients whom I can’t necessarily assist contact me in search of skilled legal counsel. More specifically, because I am certified to practice law in the state of Kentucky, those clients who contact me from other states need to acquire experienced legal counsel in their own state. I partner with many out-of-state firms in order to assist my clients the best way I can, even if it simply means that I am referring a client to another attorney.

Conversely, many firms seek out my assistance in the same manner, referring clients to my services because those firms are not certified to practice law in the state of Kentucky. Thanks to my strong track record, referring firms can rest assured that any clients referred to my services are properly taken care of, all details of their personal injury cases are carefully examined, and their rights as Louisville personal injury victims are not infringed upon in a court of law.

If you are an attorney looking to refer a personal injury case to Kentucky legal counsel, Tad Thomas, Attorney at Law, is accepting attorney referrals in Louisville, KY. I will accept case referrals, and will reciprocate the favor when the opportunity arises in the future. Offering my assistance as co-counsel is another option that may prove best for your Kentucky clients, particularly if you feel as though my experience litigating personal injury cases, including medical malpractice suits, automobile accidents, class action lawsuits, truck accidents, and wrongful death cases, and accountant and auditor malpractice translates best if I serve as your co-counsel.

Accomplished, experienced, and successful, Tad Thomas, Attorney at Law, is your ideal partner for referrals and co-counsel relationships.