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In life, there are some events we have no way of predicting. Unfortunately, some unpredictable events have the potential to result in tragedy—like a car accident. When someone is injured in an accident that someone else causes, the victim often has the right to file a personal injury claim to seek compensation for their accident-related losses. Personal injury law covers a multitude of accident types. If you find yourself with preventable injuries, you’ll want strong legal representation by your side, so you maximize your chances of making a full recovery.

If you’ve been injured in or around Florence, Thomas Law Offices is here for you. A Florence, KY personal injury lawyer can examine your case and help you determine if legal action is available to you and what your chances are of receiving the compensation you need to recover from your injuries and financial losses.

If you’re planning on filing a claim or are simply considering the idea, you’ll benefit from having some background knowledge on personal injury law. Let’s start by taking a look at some of the basics.

Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal Injury Claims in Florence

Personal injury law lets injured people seek compensation from the party they believe caused their accident. Cases are built on the concepts of negligence and a breached duty of care. If you decide to file a claim, your lawyer will explain that you are required to meet a statute of limitations. In Kentucky, personal injury claims must be filed within one year of the accident date or date of discovery.

While criminal cases are initiated by the government, personal injury claims, which are considered civil cases, start when a private individual files a complaint against another person, business, corporation, or government agency. A successful case has to prove that the allegedly responsible entity acted in a careless, reckless, or irresponsible manner that brought harm to the other person. Injuries can be to the body, mind, or emotions.

It’s important to note that the majority of personal injury claims settle outside of court through negotiations. When you work with an injury attorney in Florence, we’ll do everything to achieve a reasonable settlement; however, we won’t hesitate to take your case to trial if we believe a lawsuit and official verdict are the only ways to get you the compensation you deserve.

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Types of Personal Injury Cases

The situation that caused your injuries will determine the type of personal injury case you file. While we provide services for an array of claims, some of the most common ones clients come to us with include car accidents, truck accidents, nursing home abuse, and medical malpractice.

No matter what type of situation you’ve been in, if you believe negligence contributed to your injuries, you may be able to take action through civil court. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can review your accident and determine how best to proceed to get the compensation you need to recover and move forward.

Car Accidents

Car accidents happen for a number of reasons—with most of those reasons being related to human error. Driving requires skill, focus, and constant awareness. When a driver is distracted, tired, or reckless, they’re at risk of getting into an accident and hurting others.

Some of the most common accidents we see include rear-end crashes, sideswipes, pedestrian and bicyclist accidents, and head-on collisions. The consequences of any crash are dependent upon factors like the speed at which the collision takes place, the size difference between the two vehicles, weather conditions, and the general health and wellbeing of the victims involved.

For those in minor crashes, they may only be dealing with injuries like broken bones, lacerations, and bruising. Even minor injuries can result in thousands of dollars in medical bills. Hospital expenses are even more harrowing when someone sustains spinal cord damage, head trauma, or burn injuries.

Regardless of the type of crash you were in, a Florence, KY car accident lawyer can represent you and help you seek compensation for your losses.

Truck Accidents

Of all types of collisions, those involving tractor-trailers are more likely to be catastrophic or deadly. Truck accidents are so dangerous because of how large the vehicles are. Once a trucker starts to lose control, there’s very little anyone can do to prevent an accident. When those in a passenger car are hit by the truck, severe and fatal injuries are possible.

Truck accidents affect residents in and around Florence. In March 2020 in Florence, an Ohio man was killed in a three-vehicle crash involving an 18-wheeler. The man was struck by the semi as he stood outside his utility truck on the shoulder of I-75 southbound. Two others were seriously injured in the crash.

If you’ve been involved in a truck accident or you’ve lost a loved one because of a trucker’s negligence, a Florence, KY truck accident lawyer can evaluate your situation to determine what your legal rights and options are.

Nursing Home Abuse

Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is not uncommon. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, approximately 2.5 million elders living in residential long-term care facilities are at risk of abuse on any given day. If you believe your loved one has wrongfully suffered, a nursing home abuse claim can help you get the compensation they need to recover as fully as possible.

To achieve success with this type of claim, a Florence, KY nursing home abuse lawyer will need to prove negligence. Depending on the situation, an employee or the entire facility could be at fault. Any employee who intentionally abuses a resident should be held directly accountable for their actions. This includes physical, emotional, sexual, or financial abuse. A facility may be liable in the event they had poor hiring practices or short staffing, failed to train employees properly, or breached a resident’s contract.

Medical Malpractice

Hospitals and doctors are responsible for ensuring patients in their care receive the best treatment possible. When that doesn’t happen because either party was negligent, legal action is available to the victim.

Medical malpractice claims are complicated, but plaintiffs who are successful usually receive large payments. For example, a woman who sustained brain damage in Florence after doctors failed to detect an aneurysm was awarded $8 million in 2017.

In order to achieve success with a claim involving physician negligence, you need an experienced Florence, KY medical malpractice lawyer. With the right attorney, your case will have access to the resources and expert medical opinions it needs to do well.

The City of Florence, KY

As the second-largest city in Kentucky, Florence has become one of the fastest-growing communities in the state. Only 90 minutes outside Louisville, Florence offers residents and visitors both fast-paced urban excitement and the relaxed lifestyle of the countryside.

While Thomas Law Offices is located in Louisville, we strive to provide strong legal representation to as many Kentucky residents as possible. We understand that accidents can happen anywhere, at any time. That’s why we’re prepared to assist those in Florence and other cities outside of Louisville.

If you’ve been injured in an accident and are worried about the distance between our two cities, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll discuss your legal options over the phone and decide how to proceed.

Personal Injury Claims and Compensation in Kentucky

Personal injury claim compensation is generally separated into two categories: special compensatory damages and general compensatory damages. When you file a claim, you have the right to seek both. What you seek, however, is contingent upon your losses.

Special compensatory damages take care of the monetary expenses related to an accident and the resulting injuries. Common examples include medical bills, cost of future medical care, household expenses, loss of earnings, and loss of future earnings.

General compensatory damages are harder to calculate because they are not based on actual figures. Instead, they address the harm that is typically sustained in an injury. Examples include pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of consortium or companionship.

While some states have damage caps to limit the amount of compensation any one plaintiff can obtain, this is not the case in Kentucky. This means you will be able to pursue complete compensation for all of your economic and noneconomic losses.

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Filing a claim takes time and it can take a toll on someone when they’re trying to recover from physical injuries and emotional trauma. That’s why it’s best to work with a Florence, KY personal injury lawyer. When you partner with Thomas Law Offices, you’ll have experienced legal support by your side. Not only will we fight on your behalf for full and fair compensation, but we’ll help you send a clear message to the at-fault person or entity that their actions severely affected your life in a multitude of ways.

In order to get started with your claim, schedule a free consultation with our firm. We’ll evaluate your situation, determine if you have a valid claim, and help you take the necessary steps to get on track to receiving the compensation you need to move past your accident.

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