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Bowling Green Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

As a motorcycle rider, you know what you need to do to stay safe on the roads of Warren County. But what happens when a negligent driver forces you into an accident that causes you serious injury or even permanent disability? You have the legal right to hold the at-fault driver accountable.

If you suffered severe injuries in a Kentucky bike crash, a Bowling Green motorcycle accident lawyer from Thomas Law Offices can examine your case, determine your legal options, and recommend a path to recovery—all at no cost to you.

We’ll find the best way to obtain financial compensation for medical bills and future medical expenses, lost income, mental anguish, and more. We are your fiercest advocate when the insurance company makes things complicated.

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Protecting Local Motorcyclists in Bowling Green, KY

Bowling Green has a vibrant rider community. Kentucky motorcycle riders in our area organize tours, poker runs, and charity rides—making a huge contribution to the overall standard of life in Warren County.

But riding a motorcycle has dangers. Even when a motorcyclist operates their vehicle safely, accidents can happen. When they do, our community is often profoundly affected. Just in August 2020, a local man was struck by a car driving south on Broadway Avenue. The rider died as a result of his injuries.

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle crash in Bowling Green, you need a personal injury lawyer to protect the rights you are afforded under Kentucky law.

At Thomas Law Offices, we have the knowledge and experience required to thoroughly investigate your crash and gather all the evidence needed to prove your right to recover compensation.

Our Bowling Green Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Are Your Best Choice

The legal team at Thomas Law Offices has a heart for the riders in our city. We fight harder than the rest because what we do truly matters to us. When we see other motorists act with disregard for the safety of riders, we step up and take legal action.

Injured motorcycle accident victims can trust that the attorneys of Thomas Law Offices will:

  • Communicate with the insurance company and negotiate maximum compensation
  • Handle every detail of your insurance claim for you with expertise
  • Conduct a thorough investigation into the actions of every potential at-fault party
  • Calculate the highest value of your case, including punitive damages if applicable
  • Use our reputation as top Kentucky trial lawyers to fight for you in court if needed

Our Bowling Green motorcycle accident lawyers always put your needs first. Schedule a free case evaluation to see what our clients already know—we win cases.

What Are Common Causes of Kentucky Motorcycle Accidents?

In Bowling Green, KY and throughout the state, there are a few types of negligent driving behaviors that contribute to a high number of motorcycle accident cases.

Many motorcycle accidents in Kentucky are caused by:

Distracted Driving

Any activity that takes the eyes, mind, and hands of the driver away from safe vehicle operation is considered distracted driving. Because motorbikes are so much smaller and easier to miss on the road, riders are at a particularly high risk of being struck by a distracted driver.

Behind-the-wheel distractions most commonly include texting and driving, social media and internet use, talking on a cell phone, conversations with passengers, eating and drinking, and adjusting vehicle controls.

Drunk Driving

Like driving distracted, operating a car under the influence of drugs or alcohol diminishes the chances that the driver will see—and avoid striking— a motorcyclist. Drunk driving should never happen and often results in catastrophic injuries. If your crash was caused by intoxication, it’s important to make sure the driver is held liable.


Both surpassing the posted limit and driving too fast for conditions are considered speeding. Motorcycle crashes caused by other drivers’ failure to drive at a safe speed are preventable in 100% of cases.

Failure To Yield

Traffic accidents can occur if a driver of a car failed to give a rider the right of way when they should have. These types of accidents usually occur at intersections, when drivers of motor vehicles may turn or continue straight without looking for motorcycles. This can also happen if a driver doesn’t check blind spots when merging or changing lanes on a highway.

Loss of Vehicle Control

Adverse weather conditions, loose gravel, sharp curves, and other factors can cause a driver or rider to lose control of their vehicle. Maintaining a safe speed and heightened awareness under hazardous circumstances is essential to preventing catastrophic injury.

What Are the Most Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

In a Bowling Green motorcycle accident, a rider may suffer one or more of these common motorcycle accident injuries:

  • Broken bones
  • Head injuries, including concussions and traumatic brain injuries
  • Abrasions, burns, and road rash
  • Spinal cord injuries, sometimes resulting in paralysis
  • Wrongful death

Motorcycle crashes are seldom minor. If you were involved in a wreck, seek medical attention immediately.

A lack of physical pain does not mean you are uninjured.

Adrenaline and other hormones can mask the pain associated with even severe injuries. Whether or not you receive medical treatment at an emergency room, schedule an appointment with your primary care physician for a complete physical examination.

Don't let the insurance company tell you how much money you deserve—they will always shortchange you. A Bowling Green motorcycle accident lawyer will consider future medical bills and earning capacity, setting you up for a lifetime of financial security.
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Bowling Green Motorcycle FAQs

Why Are Motorcycle Accidents More Dangerous Than a Car Wreck?

Only 3% of vehicles are motorcycles, yet motorcycle accidents account for 14% of all traffic deaths. Motorcycles:

  • Lack seatbelts, airbags, and the protection of an enclosed autobody
  • Are small, narrow, and hard to see while in motion
  • Are open air, thus exposing the rider to wind, weather, and flying debris
  • Are two-wheeled and vulnerable to losing balance

Do I Need To Give a Statement to the Insurance Company After a Crash?

You will need to speak to an insurance adjuster from your own company after the accident, but you don’t need to speak to the other driver’s insurance company. Be careful not to endanger your claim by admitting liability. Never give a recorded statement without speaking to your lawyer first.

What Happens if the Driver Who Caused My Accident Was Uninsured?

Because roughly 14% of drivers in Kentucky are uninsured, it’s a good idea to carry uninsured/ underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage. Your motorcycle accident attorneys can also help you look into other third-party liability, such as if a manufacturing error led to motorcycle defects that contributed to your crash.

What Are Kentucky’s Motorcycle Helmet Laws?

Riders who are under 21, are riding with a learner’s permit, or have less than one year of riding experience are required to wear a DOT-approved motorcycle helmet. All other riders can choose to wear a helmet or not. However, we strongly advise all riders to wear a helmet, regardless of age or experience.

What Can I Do if My Loved One Was Killed in a Motorcycle Accident?

If your loved one lost their life in a Bowling Green motorcycle accident, the surviving family may be eligible to file a wrongful death claim on their behalf. This allows the family of the deceased to recover compensation for funeral costs, medical treatment costs, and lost financial support.

What Happens if I Don’t Have PIP on My Motorcycle Insurance Policy?

Most Kentucky motorcycle insurance policies don’t automatically include personal injury protection (PIP), but it’s a good idea to request it. PIP can usually cover up to $10,000 in medical bills and lost wages during your recovery. However, if you don’t have PIP coverage, your motorcycle accident attorney will find the best alternative option to seek compensation through your injury claim, health insurance, or other avenue.

What Compensation Can I Recover After a Motorcycle Wreck?

Depending on the circumstances of the accident and how severely you were injured, you may be entitled to compensation for medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering, permanent disability, lost earning capacity, or mental anguish.

How Long Do I Have To File a Motorcycle Accident Injury Claim in Kentucky?

In Kentucky, most motorcycle accidents are subject to a one-year statute of limitations. This is a very short amount of time to build and file your claim. Contact a law firm of Bowling Green motorcycle accident lawyers as soon as you can after a collision.

Motorcycle Accident Victims Have a Friend at Thomas Law Offices

As an injured motorcyclist, it’s difficult to prove you were not responsible for your accident. You may not have the ability to analyze skid marks, review police reports, and access the driver’s cell phone records. But at Thomas Law Offices, we’ve been doing this for our clients for years.

A Bowling Green motorcycle accident lawyer from Thomas Law Offices could be the difference between recovering full compensation and being left to pay for your injuries by yourself.

If you were injured and need expert legal guidance, contact us today to learn more about your legal rights and options.

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