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Safety Recall Issued for the Galaxy Note7

New technology makes our lives easier with every new update and model. This is especially true for mobile devices like smartphones. With every new phone model and update comes increased battery life, operating systems that are more powerful and flexible, and cool, new features to try out.

Technology sometimes comes with a risk, however. When new devices aren’t properly tested, they can cause potential issues. Software bugs, hardware glitches, and even safety issues can give new technology users grief. If a smartphone manufacturer, for example, knows about a safety issue, they have a legal obligation to report that safety issue to the public, set up a recall, and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

When is it Worth Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Losing a loved one is devastating, but when that life is lost through the direct actions of another’s wrongdoings or an act of negligence, the whole world can seem like it’s collapsing. We’re left wondering if there’s anything we can possibly do to make things right—if it’s within our power to force the wrongful party to recognize the wrongs they’ve committed.

Ask an Attorney: Is My Insurance Compensation Enough?

Hiring an attorney can be a daunting task. How do you choose one? How do you know what type of lawyer to hire? What’s it like to work with an attorney and how do you know what’s expected of you? These are all questions you’re likely to have while browsing the website of an attorney, but don’t worry—we’re here to help.

Every firm’s site is filled with the same, boastful claims and pages and pages of legal speak that aren’t immediately useful. What’s useful? Answers. Real answers. Every two weeks roughly, we’ll be posting a common question a client new to the legal world might have, and we’ll provide real, honest answers to that question.


4 Things the Trucking Industry Can Do to Stop Accidents

Trucking accidents are some of the most devastating accidents that occur on our highways every day. According to The New York Times, large trucks are disproportionately involved in fatal accidents, causing one-fourth of all traffic accidents which cause fatalities. This is in comparison to a mere 10% of overall non-fatal accidents. Big rigs and 18-wheelers carry an incredible amount of weight and force behind them, so when a truck accident occurs, the impact usually results in serious injuries or an unfortunate loss of life.

Tad Thomas Announces Candidacy for AAJ Parliamentarian

Our very own Tad Thomas announced yesterday that he will be running for the American Association for Justice (AAJ) Parliamentarian position during Boston’s convention this coming year. Mr. Thomas has been an outstanding member and leader among his AAJ peers since 2005, when he made his first appearance at the Toronto convention. Since then, he has strived to lead by example, share his insight with other legal professionals, and help educate the industry about the benefits of technology.

In recent years, Tad has served on the AAJ’s Board of Governors, the Executive Committee, and the Budget Committee. He’s participated in numerous fundraising efforts and public service projects. He’s spent the last few years teaching CLE courses to both state and local trial lawyer associations. Now, he feels it’s time to take his contributions one step further and help make a difference however he can.







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